MMA Was Ronda Rousey Overrated?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Butters!, Nov 17, 2015.

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  1. What do you think? Personally i disagree with the statement that she was "Overrated." yes she lost, but every champion has to fall sometime. I personally think there is some hypocrisy going on. I don't like Ronda as a person, but i wouldn't go as far as to say she was overatted. She was champion for a reason.

    P.S, I am new to the sport, so please bare with me if i sound a little eh on this. :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Being a champion doesn't mean that you can't be rated higher than you deserve to be. I do believe there's the possibility of her rebounding and winning her championship back if she puts full concentration and effort into it, so we certainly shouldn't write her just yet, but I'm also amused by all the disillusioned Ronda fanboys (and fangirls) that are spinning every possible excuse in the book as to why she got schooled the other night.

    I always compared her to Mike Tyson - She has skills, but her weak competition + media hype and creation made her out to be much more invincible than she really was, and the second she stepped into the ring (or octagon, I should say) with someone who had at least above-average skills, she got exposed. How she bounces back from this and fares in the rematch will show her true fortitude as a fighter.
  3. "was"....?

    It's not like she's stopped fighting now all of a sudden.
  4. Of course she's overrated, thinking otherwise is absolutely stupid.. Sure she was a tough fighter, but she's only a UFC fighter and she's all people can talk about.. She wins less than a dozen fights beating woman and people are talking about her beating Floyd Mayweather, who's almost 50-0, you know she's overrated.
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  5. Um, obviously she was.
    She was portrayed as some super bionic woman who can defeat anyone, anywhere, any time. She can even beat up world class (male) professional boxers like nothing. Greatest female athlete of all time...

    Then the fight happens and not only was she knocked the fuck out, she was completely outclassed. lol
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  6. She was overhyped, but certainly not overrated. Who in the fuck cared about womens UFC before Rousey?
  7. She's overrated, obviously, because she lost a match. lmao
  8. Money Mayweather didn't. :kobe:
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  9. lol
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  10. lol what a ****.

    I like Rousey but she is taking this loss way too far.
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  11. Zlatan retired her
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  12. Nor was that stated in anyway, I was speaking in relevance of her championship reign.
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  13. Just like the entire nation of Denmark. :happy:
  14. It's her skills in the octagon that people are calling overrated, not her drawing power as a PPV attraction. And yes, there is a difference between the two.

    When you get made out like you're the baddest female walking the planet, one worthy of even beating most men (including touting about how Floyd Mayweather, the most successful fighter on the planet, wouldn't stand a chance against you) and then you get royally schooled the way she did, it's fair for people to call you overrated. She went from being "the most unbeatable, invincible, baddest woman on the planet" to being "just a pretty good female fighter" in a span of six minutes.
  15. When you take a woman in what was considered a formally male dominate sport, and she shows she is "good" at it, people are going to hype it up. She has skills but I think people banking on her got to her head. I don't follow women's MMA but she definitely made it something people are now interested in.
  16. The truth of the matter is that almost everyone fails at some point in life. I think the main thing I took out if her was how disrespectful she was toward othe female fighters. She got lit up
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  17. Just think what would've happened against Cyborg
  18. she only got as famous as she did because she was some what attractive. any other ugly chick with a fight record like that would of went unnoticed
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  19. Weak competition?

    WMMA isn't on par with the men's and she did have a few cans such as Correia but Miesha Tate & Cat Zingano are still at the top of the division. Plus she beat an Olympian in McMann (women's wrestling is less competitive than the mens but still it's an Olympic medal) and a BJJ black belt in Alexis Davis. Holm outstruck her due to her fantastic boxing pedigree (in the world of women's combat sports it's arguably one of the best) and having a great camp to exploit Rousey's weakness. Let's not pretend it's a case of anyone with above average skills beating her.

    Tyson is often made out to be a can crusher also but he beat some very respectable opponents such as Bruno (twice), Spinks and old Holmes (not the best win but saying he wasn't above average even at that time is pretty disrespectful), plus post Douglas the wins over Botha (who's only loss prior was to Moorer, no shame in that) plus Razor Ruddock twice. Again look who he lost to Douglas (a shock win from a great one off performance), Holyfield (best jab ever? It's possible). The rest were towards the end of his career weren't they?

    The issue wasn't that the opponents were all bad, they were made to seem bad by a fighter who stylistically had their number (Ronda's judo and Tyson's intimidation.) It still took a special fighter to beat either in their primes.
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