Was the Summer of Punk secretly orchestrated by HHH?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. Is it possible that HHH used Punk as a mouthpiece to publicly articulate his own true viewpoint to condition fans for the changes he planned to implement?

    Was the Summer of Punk (2011) truly Punk's real views or did HHH suggest the storyline to Vince because he was planning to prove Punk wrong anyway.

    This is a stretch and I'm not suggesting HHH's mutiny from Vince as much as maybe a way of eventually stealing Punk's thunder.

    In reality, HHH may as well have been the one to sit "down on a stage in Las Vegas". He just orchestrated the entire situation so that he didn't have to himself.

    This is just a theory of mine so don't get too riled up. Worth discussing I believe.
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  2. You're crazy. :haha:
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  3. This was CM punk, not triple h.
  4. Didn't know 2011 R Truth was in this forum.
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  5. CM Punk and Phillip Brooks are the same person, whether he likes to admit that or not. He is cocky, full of himself, and selfish. Vince likely gave in to some of his wining demands to keep him around but he took advantage of the company. His whole run was very sloppy if you think back, and the reason why is because Phil did some improvising on his own so it often contradicted what HHH or Vince initially wanted.

    TLDR: CM Skunk was responsible, not HHH.
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  6. Read the first line, got scary Hogan flashbacks, ran like a girl.
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  7. Phil is not the same size as CM Punk.
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  8. Another noob trying to make a name for itself.
    Save your money, buy some sense and accept the change.
    Think twice and look both ways before you cross junior.

    Disagreeing is cool, state why and be on your way. If you're panhandling for likes we have an IWT section as well as an annual football draft for that.
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  9. This place is going to be fun...

    But in all seriousness, if I comes across as a dick, I apologize. I was just trying to make a joke on all those conspiracy posts I see all the time in wrestling threads and I had no ulterior motives for fishing likes, I just wanted to make a dumb joke and leave it as that.
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  10. Great answer. You're gonna do just fine here.
  11. as for an actual on-topic answer:

    Think there was a large change in crowds when three events occured: the Pipebomb, the first crowd hijacking post-WM29, and the Authority angle. (Possibly Raw's move to 3 hours as well)
    If you want to say "Triple H based his TV character around the internet fans' bitching and did away with the split crowds WWE used to have" as the basis of the Authority, then I can see where this conspiracy theory is coming from.
    After all, pre-pipebomb WWE was trying to make Alex Riley into a big star. One half of the audience was cheering because he punched the Miz in the face, the other was booing because Alex Riley. Can we not combine all the crowd reaction into one? Even if it's silence or venomous hatred?

    From Whatculture - Deth will love this

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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. For the record, I wasn't implying HHH wrote the pipebomb promo. I'm suggesting HHH caught wind of what Punk was basically going to say and went to bat for him before Vince had a mind to water or nix the promo altogether.

    As far as Punk knew, he was making a point. I'm saying HHH knew what was coming and became a scapegoat in the storyline just so he could make Punk look like a tool years later.

    HHH agreed with Punk from the get-go, the company made money off that angle but in hindsight Punk looks ignorant for calling HHH a doofus.

    Edit: I own what I said before, even if its "crazy". I wanted to clarify to curtail the discussion from going south.
  14. The whole thing no, but I get a feeling Night of Champions 2011 he may have had something to do with. HHH pinning the hottest WWE star in years for no reason at all brought me tears of joy.
  15. I always love a good conspiracy theory, but like with most of 'em, I don't buy the legitimacy of this one. Not even because it's too improbable to ever accept, but because Hunter rebutted Punk's complaints back then and claimed they were misguided by pointing out to him personally that the likes of Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, etc. are all former world champions and that none of them are big men either. In doing so, he was agreeing with Punk that talent is talent and should be given opportunities regardless of whether their looks are conventional or not, but was against the notion that it was even an issue like Punk was claiming it was.

    Watch 2:37-3:55 below:

    Unless, of course, you wanna believe that HHH was deliberately setting Punk up for that moment so that he could publicly refute his complaints in front of everyone himself, which seems to be in part an aspect of your theory, but I don't think so.
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  16. Well said. You got the gist of what I was basically attempting to get across.
    Without dismissing any of your points, the perception (and i'd undeline perception if I could) at the time was that HHH was blindly defending Vince's reputation against bigotry (this was obviously before HHH himself had established himself as a booking aficionado). Punk was the hot face while HHH was the corporate puppet. The angle suggested we were to support Punk and take HHH words as Public Relations cover up for the alleged bigotry on Vince's part (though I agree HHH's argument were factually sound even at the time).

    Hindsight is 20/20 and your rebuttal works for me. I indeed was implying HHH as being a nefarious character in the undertones of this storyline arc. I believe he's capable of it because...quite frankly... I could myself doing the exact same thing.
  17. Yes HHH invented ROH, CM Punk and both summers of spunk. :pipebomb::pity2:
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