Was The World Heavyweight Championship Holding Sheamus Back?

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  1. Personally I enjoy Sheamus a lot more as a challenger than I do as a champion. There is still many character traits that I despise about Sheamus, but he is more enjoyable when he's chasing the belt than he is walking around with it on his shoulder. Maybe it's because his opponent is booked as a dominant giant and Sheamus is in fact the underdog, but does anyone else feel the same?

    Yes, I would still rather Sheamus away from the main event scene completely, but since we are forced to watch him I thought I would compare.
  2. Was face isn't better chasing the belt than holding it? It's the reason heels tend to draw better as champions imo, people love the thrill of the chase.
  3. People do enjoy the chase for the belt more, but a long reigning face champion can work and has to happen at some point. See Hogan in the 80's.
  4. If it were up to Sheamus would be dropped down to the midcard immediately, so my opinion on this will be a bias one. I don't like Sheamus as champion because I don't think he deserves to where they belt, so yes I do like him as a challenger more than a champion. He's still more of the same guy, but i noticed a lax in all the childish things he did with Del Rio and a more aggressive version of him as of late. Maybe the more Sheamus is not pushed, the better he gets as a superstar. Triple H should try burying him, maybe he'l be the next Shawn Michaels if he does that :haha:
  5. I'm just guessing storylines or that he's a boring face.
  6. More bearable than when he's a champ, for sure. His character does sounds like a challenger more than a champion.
  7. Never liked the championship on him anyway. Beating Danielson in 18 seconds was such bullshit. I was pissed. Never liked him since.
  8. personally I think he's just putting more effort in maybe due to backstage politics. maybe they are making him work for his next shot as i felt he got lazy during his title reign.
  9. Kind of yeah. With the way Sheamus is booked, having him as champion will get boring quickly. Because when a guy booked like he is holds a belt, that belts not going anywhere for a long time, thus making the reign pretty boring since you can predict the outcome pretty easily.
  10. I also agree to the statements above. He fits more of a challenger than a champion.

    It also seemed as though IWC loved him up until the Sheamus/Show feud started, then I started noticing the "Sheamus sucks" chants. I don't know if they took place before, but I just noticed them recently. They definitely should make him take a new approach. Not a heel turn perse, but just something different.
  11. Re: RE: Was The World Heavyweight Championship Holding Sheamus Back?

    People have hated him on here for ageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess
  12. He is just 1000 better as a Heel, the first few months after his turn were good, but ever since he won the title at WM, he grew stale very fast.....

    Very happy to see him losing clean every once in a while, unlike Cena who you get to see him losing clean once every 3 years..
  13. Sheamus has been hated generally by the IWC since like a month after his face turn. As soon as you turn someone into the happy-go-lucky face after a year of PURE destruction as a heel, they get hated on and rightly so. It's not the most realistic thing in the world for Sheamus to one week Brogue Kick Jerry Lawler for no reason, and then the next be smiling at the fans saving Jerry, it's childish booking. The reason why I think Ryback isn't hated by the IWC (or by all of the IWC) is because he has kept the intensity and isn't the smiling typical WWE babyface.
  14. Unless he's accepting a Slammy award. :smug:
  15. Don't remind me. :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. I guess the fact that he beat Christian in every match they had and went around without feuds burying the midcard when Christian got injured until he won the Rumble, buried Bryan in 18 seconds at WM, had that feud with Del Rio that was decent for one week only and sucked for the rest with mediocre ring and mic skills throught it.
  17. They finally give us a long, drawn out feud. In all their wisdom they used two of the most boring characters to do it with. So the next time someone in creative suggests a long feud, someone will say, "remember how shitty Sheamus/Del Rio was? It didn't draw at all :bury:". So we won't get anyone with an interesting feud last more than two months.
  18. Along the same lines, I remember him putting Triple H on the shelf for a year (and didn't he 'end' Jamie Noble's career as well?) and yet turned right around and criticized Mark Henry for putting people in his Hall Of Pain. I hate in general how heels tend to ignore a lot of the bad stuff they did during their heel run. That's one reason I didn't mind Orton's face turn in 2010 - he said he still hated Triple H and Cena even after turning face.
  19. Yeah exactly. He even had his own segment on how much he respected HHH and such during that "Has HHH retired" angle, it's just insulting to the fans, it's outdated.
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