Was there any reason why Miz was buried in his hometown?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. Was there any reason why Miz was buried in his hometown and in front of his parents with Randy destroying him? has Miz pissed off Vince backstage or something?
  2. The only part of that segment that irked me is that Randy didn't punt Miz's mom for all the pain her actions have caused to millions.
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  3. It wasn't a burial. It was a write off. His character is most likely going to be tweaked for a while before he is brought back.
  4. Maybe we can see a Miz/Orton feud later (LOL Jk)
  5. Thought this was going to be a serious thread. Anyways, it's STORYLINE!
  6. A storyline between The Miz an Orton? Please no!
  7. It's obviously a way to get Orton heat. Miz is a decently popular wrestler (despite what some people think) and especially in his hometown. A easy way to get heat on a villain is destroying the hometown hero. It also gives them the opportunity to take Miz off TV for a while to tweak his character a bit.

    Its simple booking and logic.
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  8. Why not? They could push Miz once more and put up a decent fight. (I only want this to happen when Miz turns heel if he someday does)
  9. But if they two had a feud, Miz would be face
  10. No need to do that tbh. Miz as face is (imo) shit, but as heel at least he was more entertaining... I think a heel vs heel feud could work out well tbh.
  11. They had good chemistry in that match, and it has been a lot of time since the last heel vs heel feud,so that would be interesting
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  12. Because they were trying to get Randy Orton heat, duh. It's kind of a long standing tradition in itself to humiliate a baby face in his hometown in order to get more heat on the heels. It's only been done about 10000000 times by now.
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  13. Soooo, he is like a Triple H younger, humiliating everyone
  14. Gonna miss Miz TV

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  15. 1) People are always buried in their hometown. Although, this wasn't a burial. This was a write-off.
    2) Miz has filming for his new christmas movie to do, so he'll be gone for a few months to film that. Doing this write-off in his hometown was the perfect opportunity to get good heel heat on Orton, the "bastard" that HHH/Steph wanted to see.

    I thought it was done perfectly, probably my favourite part of the show :shock:
  16. LOL:isee:
  17. How many times did Rey Mysterio get folded in half by Lesnar in San Diego?

    How many times has good ol' JR been humiliated in front of those useless imbreds in Oklahoma?

    I don't know...zero.. or is it more like everytime they go there?
  18. It`s like The Montreal Screwjob, Bret lost at his hometown
  19. It happens to basically everyone when they are in their hometown. Its a tradition.
  20. ... although Punk does pretty fantastic when he shows in Chicago....I'm guessing Chicago ain't a city they want to p*ss off
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