Was there ever a chance of Crayo becoming a top guy?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Professor Cumdumpster, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. After Wrestlemania last year where he ended the RAW show afterwards by taking out a REAL GIRL ON A DATE -- to a huge pop -- it seemed he was going to go down the badass tweener route where he just takes out everyone (girls, guys, leprechauns). I personally thought that was the perfect character direction. They unfortunately turned him gay and then it kinda just went to shit
    Could Crayo ever have been a star? Or was he destined for the shit he got and inevitably becoming a jobber?
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  2. I thought it was gonna work out, but just as he was getting his push the infamous whipped cream-nipples picture resurfaced and he got some serious backstage heat
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  3. First he's the owner of the site and second don't become another BLFFL.
  4. Dude, why are you so obsessed with this site? Get the fuck outta here, mark.
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  5. I thought Shadow IP banned the guy's original 1000 spam accounts...

    and i LOL'd when i saw he was banned the second you posted that shit.
  6. Staff can't IP ban, plus he uses a proxy.
  7. You mean the IP hiding shit....

    Spam account rate has gone up drastically. I saw there was a lot of spam accounts blocked when (greatest 3 hours of my WWEForums.net experience) Big Hoss accidentally gave me mod powers. I think the merge is to attribute to the rise of spam accounts. And this guy...
  8. We have a mod on usually so we can just rib the hell out of the guy before he gets banned.
  9. The next time the guy posts, let's play along with his bullshit before....the eventual future
  10. Who is this guy?
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  11. What a great influx of new users we got from merging with Watch Wrestling, heh?
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  12. I think it's more mania weekend. But his name made me giggle.
  13. I'm also referring to TNA Sucks (banned), The Collector (banned), Under Wear Taker (yet to be banned, but getting there) and now this guy. They've all appeared in the past week or so right around the time the merge happened, and they all seem like the same fella to me.
  14. We haven't even started trying to get those members yet, so what a great clueless comment from Lockard, heh?
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  15. Wait, what? DON"T try to get those members you fucking NWAB
  16. Nice random quotation mark.
  18. Classic username.
  19. Am I the only one not impressed by his stupid, immature usernam--- wait, my name is Dolph'sZiggler.

    As you were.
  20. I keep reading his username as Under Wear Maker :burns:
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