Was there ever a chance of Ryback becoming a top star?

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  1. After Wrestlemania last year where he ended the RAW show afterwards by taking out Cena -- to a huge pop -- it seemed he was going to go down the badass tweener route where he just takes out everyone (faces, heels, leprechauns). I personally thought that was the perfect character direction. They unfortunately turned him heel and then it kinda just went to shit.

    Could Ryback ever have been a star? Or was he destined for the shit he got and inevitably becoming a jobber?
  3. I wouldn't necessarily call him a jobber. Jobber to the stars maybe, but not all out jobber. He still gets wins in the midcard. He should look into getting a gatekeeper spot. That guy you work with to get to the main event and upper card.
  4. Please, shut up.
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  6. I think Ryback has a chance to still make it as a mid card star :emoji_slight_smile:
    Even though he's not really that kewl and just a knob head pretty much I see room on the current roster fo him for sure.
  7. Of course. This time last year he was so over. He could have had a couple of WWE title reigns.

    The heel turn ruined him and then becoming a Heyman guy killed him.
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  8. He could have, but they used him to early in my opinion. Things fell apart for him when he fought CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Granted he still had good credibility when he feuded with Cena, but after Cena, it just went all down hill. Losing at nearly every PPV didn't help him either.
  9. If he had been, it only would have made his drop off even more dramatic. He is too shitty of a 'talent' for the fans to accept long term.
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  10. A badass tweener in WWE? Lol.

    Remember Seabs posting last January that his aura was gone. The aura of badass killlng machine was really all the guy ever had, so after that went he should have been ruined... just shows how patient and understanding the IWC really is. Could he have been a top star? Yeah, at least for a short while, the possibility of him being exposed as the talent he really is and falling down the card is always possible... but they could have ran with the over babyface Ryback and seen how much they could milk it for instead of turning him heel for no fucking reason.

    Remember at the time you posted that Ryback's heel turn was a great idea, since after WM29 he's essentially feuding with the biggest heel in all of wrestling. Boy were we optimistic, haha. Oh, what could have been.
  11. If they actually gave him the belt back at TLC 2012 instead of waiting for the Rock to get it, Ryback could've been a good champion. He was over with the crowd and he just needed to improve his wrestling.
  12. Could he have been a star? I would say he certainly had a strong chance. Looking back at the end of 2012 and also post-Wrestlemania 2013 when he was first feuding with CM Punk over the WWE title and then Cena after WM; during this period I did think there was a chance that Ryback could make it and become at least a 1X WWE champion during the push that he received.

    On the other hand when you look at how he was booked at PPV's it could be argued that he was destined to eventually drop off the radar. After his squash match victory at MITB 2012 he went an entire year without picking up another PPV victory (I think this is correct), his next PPV victory came at MITB 2013 against Chris Jericho. It may also be noted that Ryback has not picked up a PPV victory since beating Y2J.

    In conclusion I would say he had the potential and the look to be a star but when "The Big Guy" has only had two PPV victories in 20 months it was inevitable for him to drop down to where he is now as a part of 'Rybaxel'.
  13. Of course he could have become a star. It's pretty much universally accepted that it was shitty booking that killed him. With an easy-to-market cosmetic look and big impressive power moves, all he really needed was good, consistent booking and he could have eventually broke out into the main event (whether he would have been able to sustain interest as a top player in the long term is another question), but that's where the WWE fell short. He had tremendous momentum going into the 2012 Hell In A Cell match with Punk but then look at how it all went down hill from there - he failed three times in a row to capture the WWE Championship from Punk, got repeatedly trampled on by The Shield, lost the Royal Rumble match after a rather unimpressive showing, lost to Mark Henry at Wrestlemania, then suffered an ill-fated heel turn and jobbed to Cena in a feud over the strap. Forfeiting his match to The Miz like a pussy was just the icing on the cake.

    The thing with Ryback is, he's a fairly one-dimensional type of persona and wrestler. He's not the best talker and he's not the best worker, so he has to rely almost entirely on his impressive physique and the handful of big impact moves he has to carry himself and get himself over with the audience. With a character like that, you have to get it right from the get-go, or else you ruin any sort of chance of ever getting over to a main event level. Look at how Goldberg was booked in WCW. He debuted, said very little, destroyed countless wrestlers and had a long undefeated streak and got over big in the process. Now compare that with Ryback's booking and it's easy to understand why Ryback failed.
  14. The shit with punk ruined him. Being the size that he is you can't really have him as the underdog being screwed all the time like DB is now. Had punk not been booked for that super long reign and Ryback was able to get a reign in I think he'd be a solid main event guy.
  15. I also defend the point that booking ruined the guy. They pushed him into the WWE Championship program way too quickly. And every single decision following that one was bad. Alright, have him lose at HIAC, sure, but get him away from that program immediately and have him be a machine that destroys everyone and make him go after the WWE title later. Perhaps they could've had him go after the WHC even, or maybe kept him on the midcard killing everyone and pushed him to the ME later. But no, they rushed it, insisted on a feud where Ryback was going to lose every match, he did so, kept losing and losing and at some point they decided him being a heel was a good idea, Heyman guy stuff failed, etc. They rushed him and booked him very poorly, if you're as limited as Ryback is that kills you. Simple.
  16. 'e is no jabber. Ryback is a 'eroic star at de beginnin' of 'is career.
  17. dude......polish a turd it's still a turd
  18. Ryback ROARR!! He's a mid card uhm.. "star" .. all day perhaps not even that at sometimes.
    'H' key broke?
  19. Ryback is a star its just Vince fails to see how great he is
  20. I daintily think he could have, and i still think he has a chance to do so. just not so soon haha.

    But hey, worse comes to worse if they go to make a Duke Nukem game, he'd be a perfect voice actor.
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