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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 2, 2013.

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    The greatest collection of talent in TNA history? All 4 are phenomenal (reference intended) performers (the weakest was Kaz and let's be honest although he's improved from then even during this time he was an incredible talent, sketchy on the mic but unbelievable in ring.) Let's run a breakdown of the group.

    AJ Styles - Mr TNA, at the groups inception The TNA World Champion and possibly the greatest in ring technician in North America at the time, what couldn't he do? A great seller, aerial specialist who could mat wrestle with the best. Sure he wasn't the best on the mic but he was able to convey emotion and grew with the group well into his heel role. Excelling in a baby flair role which didn't fit him.

    Beer Money Inc - One of the greatest tag teams since TNA was formed, possibly the greatest if I'm honest. No one pairing showed as much chemistry for such a prolonged period of time, great heels and great faces. Roode was the stand out of the team, which when you're teaming with a great performer as Storm takes something special.

    Kaz - As a said probably the weakest of the group over all but he was still an unbelievable in ring competitor, on the mic he lacked but as the midcard staple of the group he was a brilliant addition.

    Ric Flair - One of the greatest speakers of all time, wheelchair Flair was golden, Ric is always golden. He also improved AJ's performance and embodied what the group was supposed to be.

    This isn't a case of the groups booking remember, rather an evaluation of the groups parts.
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  2. Great post. My favorite TNA stable in the history. Unbeliavable group of men.

    Gotta mention 3 more guys that have also been a part of group later in Fortune's history: Matt Morgan, Doug Williams and Christopher Daniels, but these 4 are the core of this great group.
  3. I was tempted to include these 3 but Doug is too vanilla on the mic, worse than Kaz by a long way IMHO, was there a period when it was Daniels, AJ, Kaz, BMI actually, that may have been the best blend.

    On a side note, I love doug in ring he's a phenomenal technician but as an over all package he was really lacking IMO.
  4. I like Doug. One of top 5 tehnicians in the world, and really entertained me through his push in 2010, with his gestures and all that "I'm better than the X Division and I'm not even an X wrestler" gimmick. Like I said, 2010 should've been the year of Anderson, but it was the year of Doug Williams. And I'm thankful for it. He won the X title twice, joined bandwagon called Fortune and defeated AJ Styles on a PPV to win the TV Title.

    Too bad he never got his push renewed since then as he is only the WHC away from winning the Grand Slam title. Of course, he'll never win it, but at least some sort of new push would be cool to see, IMO.
  5. Yeah the anti high flier thing was classic, especially when he was on commentary and complained about the moves (I think Shannon Moore was wrestling at the time and hit a tornado DDT) as he sounded very "IWCish" with the whole he's a useless spot monkey idea. Why they took the title off him for travel issues (I think it was when that volcano erupted messing up flight paths) I'll never know.
  6. LOLShannonMoore

    He had to vacate the title because of the volcano thing, but he regained it next month, defeating Frankie.
  7. @seabs

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  8. AJ's best promo IMO, he doesn't feel wooden as he seemed to be speaking what he actually thought.

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  9. Bischoff was great with his "My ass" schtick, lol.
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