Was this one of the worst lines in history by Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. When he addressed Jericho and said "The majority of the viewers are 9 years old", I literally facepalmed. 90% of the audience aren't kids, that's proved weekly with the adult rates in ratings is it not? He literally made them all feel stupid to watch wrestling. He has said things like "I was here when it wasn't cool to be a WWE superstar" which were bad in itself, but that 9 year old comment was dreadful.

    Cena imho needs a desperate vacation. I'm no Cena hater, in fact, I normally defend him because the majority of his haters I find are ignorant and hate on him for stupid things. But for the time being, I'm on that bandwagon over the recent performances I've seen from the guy.
  2. To be honest I actually find it really funny, the star wars bit wasn't funny but once he said 'I'm going to win the whole fudging thing" and Jericho was like 'Fudging'?" it was great. I think he said the 9 year old comment to tie in with the watershed as to why he couldn't say fucking.
  3. i thought it was funny.. i also liked when he said 'its a pg show it's the best i can do'
  4. Yeah but all of it was facepalm worthy. The star wars promo was typical kid Cena, I tend to just block that. Jericho owned him with it, then Cena retaliates by making 90% of the viewers feel like idiots. I don't see how that's good for business myself, lmao.
  5. Yea I wanted to crack him in the knee with a bat when he said that shit. No Cena, most of your audience are not 9 year olds despite the fact that your abortion of a character and the majority of the show are inexplicably catered towards them.
  6. It wasn't just the line it was the way he delivered that made me absolutely cringe. It not only showed complete lack of knowledge of the company he is meant to be the face of, but it also suggested that wrestlers should do things like that as it's a kid show, which of course statistics have proven that it is not at all.

    Chris jericho absolutely owned John Cena, was actually embarrassing for him.
  7. I actually tweeted him just go vent when I heard that. Calling him a liar and stating that one cannot escape the the Nielsen ratings which state that up towards 90% of their viewers are adults. I don't think he actually saw it considering how filled with fuck what his twitter feed must be.
  8. "Most of the audience is 9 years old"
    *Cut away*
    Lawler: "We've got a former main eventer who hasn't been seen in 15 Years coming up next!"
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  9. It's funny how everyone's supposed to be a kid according to Cena, but Vader and Sid got good pops. I mean, I don't think he meant it literally or anything, but then again, it's sad to see it.
  10. :win:
  11. R2A-RY what the hell is that all about, second worst line ever behind his whole loser segment, Jericho was the only thing keeping me watching.
  12. i think he was just defending his fudging line, i dont think he meant to insult the fans like he did... i mean its john cena... do you really think he wants to insult his fans.. i thought it was funny but i do see what your saying
  13. His horrible one liners have been second to big shows waaah meeee trash lately. You cant see me is still the worst gimmick ever, IMO.
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