WrestleMania Was this rub for Bryan the biggest in history?

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  1. Because of Undertaker losing, and Daniel Bryan working TWO big matches, is this the biggest Wrestlemania rub in history? If not, where does it compare?
  2. I'd say Hogan putting Warrior over was bigger. Hell, Brock beating Taker is arguably the biggest rub of all time.

    But yea, he got the royal treatment big time.
  3. I think it overshadows it more than anything instead of being the mania where bryan finally won the title it was instead the mania undertaker lost everyones taking about it nobody's talking about bryan
  4. To be fair, what is there to talk about with DB right now? He overcame like we all knew he would, that's about it.
  5. In kayfabe, surely there was a bigger rub that's happened. But given everything both Bryan and his title win represented, maybe in a weird way it was? Idk...
  6. Well, it was a giant rub. Kicked out of Pedigree, came back from that RKO/Batista Bomb deal, worked two big matches, won the belt clean, I mean, it's just what it had to be. I'm not sure I'd place it #1 but it sure is a top one.
  7. Brock winning is easily the biggest of all time
  8. I think Bryan beating HHH clean and then making Batista tap was nearly on equal standing with Brock beating the Undertaker's streak... I mean, as evidenced by the video promo package shown last week of him burying a ton of top stars, how often does HHH let someone go over on him?... and then Batista letting Bryan go over on him as well... That shit ain't happening again any time soon.

    Not taking anything away from Brock and Undertaker, but that was a weak ass match, it was obviously just Undertaker bowing out and allowing a person he considers a friend to take the glory of beating the streak, now it is up to WWE to sign his part-timing ass to more dates to capitalize on it.
  9. I don't know stone cold 'passing out' from the sharpshooter and not tapping making him the toughest SOB in wwe always was one of the biggest rubs imo, this one is right up there though.
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