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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Decent Raw last night, it’s a recurring theme though my enjoyment of it has been hindered by adverts and recaps.
    Another recurring theme on Raw is segments being ruined by Big Show and the first segment was a perfect example of that. I was looking forward to a good mic battle between Punk and Cena and then fatass find the need to stick his nose in the middle of the segment.

    Why though are they just making Punk come across as a whiny unreasonable bitch? If they’re taking the spotlight route with him that they need to make his character come across as darker, and more obsessive; The WWE champion shouldn’t be made to look like a bitch.

    Up next we had the match that the “WWE Universe” got to choose and I think Vince has missed a trick here. He should have made it a smark only vote between Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose and made us all turn on each other. However no such luck and we ended up with Rey Rey being chosen over Kane and Miz.
    Sorry but the match should’ve lasted so much longer than it did. The two are both really good workers and they could’ve made a decent 10-15 minute long TV match. Instead we got under 10 minutes with a 4-5 minute advert break imbetween. Still, decent enough viewing but a pretty dull finish.

    Wade Barrett video package was the most I marked all night. He’s definitely going with the epic beard and the package itself was badass, I’ve missed that voice so much.

    Del Rio vs Christian: See Rey vs Punk. Two really good workers who should’ve got a decent advert-free match time, instead though they decide its better showing constant recaps and filling the 3 hours with unentertaining crap. I digress: Nice back and forth finish and I can’t honestly remember Christian having one below-par match since returning, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying his return and he’s a great asset to WWE and totally underutilised.

    The Sheamus stealing the car segments were easily the most irritating last night. It was so unfunny and just like everything Sheamus is involved with utterly cringeworthy. The worst part though had to be Lawler defending Sheamus which was so painfully stupid; again, he’s got the bias of a heel commentator only towards faces.

    I’m not even going to bother talking about the abomination of a “match” between Randy Orton and Big Show.

    I actually enjoyed the Ryback squash against Reks and Hawkins. It’s nice to see matches where his opponents get some offence in, it’s a lot more enjoyable than just jobber burying. Really good to see Hawkins and Reks get some exposure as well because from what I’ve seen and heard they are talented guys and I would like to see them get involved with the tag titles at the moment – when it comes to natural talented they’re more talented than the Prime Time Playas are, sadly for them they haven’t had the fortune that PTP have character-wise.

    Speaking of which: They were up next taking on Primo and Epico. I found this a little annoying to be honest as I see no reason why Primo and Epico won that match? Unless they plan on having a triple threat match for the titles at Summerslam which I would mark for.

    This Brodus Clay vs Damien Sandow fued has been booked impeccably thus far. It’s made Sandow look like an absolute monster while not making Brodus look weak. Obviously a match between the two at Summerslam is inevitable and I can’t wait for that personally, wonder who will go over?

    Thought the Bryan/AJ segment needed a mention as it was really cute, as about 4 of us fags said in the discussion thread they’ve got great chemistry.

    Well if I wouldn’t write a review about the Big Show vs Orton match then the same rule has to apply for Kelly Kelly’s match; or any of her matches for that matter.

    The Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar and Triple H segment was probably the best part of Raw for me, mainly just for Heyman’s beautiful microphone abilities and seeing Brock appear. I’m glad they just had Brock threaten them and not just beat the hell out of Shawn on the spot which would’ve been extremely predictable so I think that was well booked. It’s just the fact that Triple H coming out was enough to make him run away part that annoyed me ever so slightly. They’re meant to be booking him like a badass who will fight anyone…Unless it’s Triple H of course.

    Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler was pretty awesome I thought. I hope this means something for Riley and he wasn’t just chucked in there for the sake of it – though with WWE I’m never hopeful. Chris Jericho was obviously being an absolute boss on commentary and he actually managed to make the touting thing not too annoying and moderately amusing. Think they should make the commentators and Jericho make a big deal on how he gets too distracted during matches, and after the fued have the commentators go on about how he looks much more focused and has the attitude of a World Champ. They seem to be going down that route anyway which I completely agree with.

    The Miz vs Kane I missed due to my stream cutting out though I can’t say I’m devastated. Even though it’s Miz I hate seeing Kane bury the Intercontinental champion like that.

    John Cena vs Daniel Bryan was a good, solid TV match. Even though the ending was horrendously predictable I was so, so relieved that t didn’t end with Bryan tapping out to that abomination of a move that is his STF. It’s not so much the move itself but it looks so weak and not remotely painful, so it was great to see Bryan not only not tap out to that but actually reverse it as well which was awesome. It’s beginning to show just how much faith they have in Daniel Bryan, he’s getting shitloads of segment time and lots of match time as well which I’m loving. Obviously I and many others felt like chundering after the news that Bryan would face Kane at SS but let’s hope that Kane will put him over.

    The ending was the second most irritating part of the show with Punk coming out and getting involved with Show and Cena – which was fine – before delivering an awesome promo at the commentary booth – which was awesome and would’ve been a great way to end the show – before getting knocked out by Big Show – which was fucking unnecessary. So now the WWE champion is made to look like even more of a pathetic whiny bitch while Big Show is made to look ridiculously strong again.

    Still, decent show but as always the 3 hours, adverts and recaps made it drag which means I can only give it 5.5/10.
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  2. Great Review Ryan, I also marked out the most for the Wade Barrett video package.
  3. Thanks Windy, I know, it was epic!
  4. I love Sandow's character.. I wish it was more on display in the Brodus feud. I also enjoyed the DZ match, but not so much the ending. He should have bashed Riley's useless brains in with the briefcase after the kelly kelly esque roll up victory.

    besides those two things I really could care less about anything that happened last night
  5. Dolph your def going to rate this RAW a 1 or .5 at max.
  6. good review!!!!
  7. Cheers for the review bro!
  8. The ending wasn't that bad I thought, but they could've done with making more of a big deal of Riley if they're going to have him go over the hottest property(Sorry D-Bry, not your fault) in the WWE just now. Instead of "Omg Riley has like never won" "Omg Riley is like trending and never has before" "Omg Dolph what a shit wrestler omg" they should've panned to Riley, gone on to say how he could become big and make a big deal over the fact it was Jericho's distraction that caused it.

    Oh and thanks guys!
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