Watch Mojo's Top 10 Wrestling Controversies

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Feb 24, 2015.

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  1. A pretty strong and accurate list that I wouldn't argue against, although I'd replace the Sting/Jeff Hardy debacle with David Arquette winning the WCW Championship.

    For those that can't be arsed watching through the whole video, here's the list:

    1. Benoit murder/suicide
    2. Montreal Screwjob
    3. Owen Hart's death
    4. CM Punk pipebomb
    5. "Mass Transit" incident from ECW show in '96
    6. Steroid trial from the 90's
    7. Edge/Matt/Lita angle
    8. Brock Lesnar ending the Streak
    9. Muhammad Hassan
    10. Sting vs Jeff Hardy at TNA Victory Road
  2. I have a love and hate relationship when it comes to mojo's lists, but this was pretty good!
  3. It's alright I guess. Seems to good though to be Watch Mojo.
  4. I pretty much agree with everything on the list, except for #10. That could've easily been replaced with DA winning the WCW championship, as Lock has pointed out.

    Although, Sting vs drugged Jeff at TNA Victory Road was funny.
  5. How are some of these controversies? Punk's shitty promo and Taker losing don't seem to belong like at all.
  6. Taker losing wasn't a controversy? It's one of the biggest booking controversies of all time.
  7. How so? Just because some butt hurt marks were upset? It doesn't compare to shit like steroid controversies or benoit's shit. You need a separate list of booking controversies IMO because they just seem completely out of place with the rest of this shit. And Punk's shit wasn't controversial at all. At ALLLLLLLLLl
  8. Well, it WAS only #8 on the list.

    The fact that people as a whole debated heavily whether it was the right call or not and the fact that the crowd was left in complete shock says it all. The Streak had already long become one of the cornerstones of Wrestlemania and while Lesnar was a believable choice to end it kayfabe wise, he was one of the very last people thought would be bestowed with the honor in real life. It's not like it was just any other match, you had arguably the biggest rub in modern-day WWE given to the guy who needed it the least.

    The Punk promo can be debated as a legit 'controversy', but it got coverage on ESPN, helped turn Punk into a permanent main event name and is one of the most prominent promos of the last several years, so I see why it was added.
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  9. Agree to disagree fella. Those two items seem drastically out of place with the rest of the things listed to me.

    Dude dies, kills family
    Booker breaks wrestling tradition with screw job finish
    Dude dies because of stupid promoters
    crazed guy tries to kill fellow wrestler during match
    Steroid trial nearly ruins the industry as we knew it
    Taking a real life cheating triangle and turning it into IRL porno on live tv
    WWE decides to send terrorist wrestler to do terrorist things on a day when real terrorist attacks happened
    TNA sends Jeff Hardy to the ring to wrestle when he is clearly fucked up off his ass
  10. CM Punk is way too high on the list.
  11. Booker T calling Hulk Hogan a nigga should be there
  12. I would support Punk's pipebomb as controversy in this regard:
    When the promo happened had to move forward in this 'new' reality direction, they couldn't simply bury it as nothing.
    From that point forward, kayfabe was completely shattered and backstage terms were put on live display.
    Prior to that day, we knew it was a work but after that he floodgates opened and smarks would begin hijacking shows and playing armchair booker.

    That promo paved the way for acts like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler to be re-booked at the 11th hour to appease raucous who rejected the long terms strategies of John Cena and Batista
  13. Not sure why the punk one is there. I could understand if it was a legit shoot promo, but it wasn't and it also wasn't controversial. It got famous as fuck and it was a nice promo, but controversial? Nah
  14. oh, just saw that the list actually states punk walking out as the controversy, not his promo. In that case I think he would deserve a 10 to 8 spot.
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