Watch NXT 9/5/12

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. [video=dailymotion][/video]

    For those of you intrigued by Stopspot's status spam, here ya go.
  2. Rollins' promo disappointed me a little at the end. Found it hard to believe. Enjoyed Hero/Steamboat and still need to watch the Ascension/Usos.
  3. Really good episode this week.
  4. It was a nice show.
  5. What do you guys think of Hero on the mic? He seems to have a Brock Lesnar thing going on where his voice is squeaky but unintimidating, but somehow he gets it to work.
  6. It's not such a downside as it is to Lesnar, since Brock is a huge guy who's marketed mostly as a monster, and although KO is supposed be a badass knocking people out, he's not marketed as a big powerhouse or anything... so it's not such a bad thing for him.
  7. I definitely expected a darker voice for a man of that look and stature. But he makes it works, he has enough emotion in his voice and his facial expressions make him look much more serious.

    Plus if he needs to joke he can always turn into Hipster Ohno.
  8. I also think his voice could be more appropriate but I don't think it's a big downside.
  9. I thought he was better speaking today than he was from his promos I seen on FCW. When I watched his FCW promos I found he emphasized bits of his promo that didn't need to be emphasized and it sounded awkward and forced. His actual voice sounds fine enough to me though and suits him well.

    Was relatively impressed. Loved his armbar quote as well.
  10. Thanks for the share Rainman.
  11. Ohno is a fucking star, join me on his dick also I kind of miss fat Hero. Random thought for the day.
  12. Gonna start watching this in a sec. If it has no Ascention I'll probably cry.
  13. They're on the show.
  14. Just watched. Richie Steamboat is stupidly boring. Ohno was fucking great as always, I loved the backstage segment with Rickie. Paige looks awesome. Ascention are just full of so much win and Uso's are working brilliantly with them, both tag-teams should be on RAW. Rollins cut a good promo at the end imo. He has an awesome look with a cool gimmick. Great show.
  15. I share your opinion. Steamboat mini needs to develop a clear cut character and let his ring work speak more for him until he has a character that makes him stand out.

    Ohno's retort to Rickie was amazing and line of the night.
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