watch pure caw wrestling episode 4 now

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  1. check out pure caw wrestling episode 4:

    check out his channel:

    check out his twitter

    PURE Caw Wrestling is the new innovation in not just CAW, but Professinal Wrestling as a whole. A new brand of Wrestling hosted weekly here on Youtube. Made for the fans. By fans.

    Pure is new and its different. The roster is split into a Heavyweight Division and a Light Heavyweight Division with 7 members of each roster. 2 seperate entitys on one show, But done properly.

    Over the next few weeks on the show we will introduce you to the stars of Season One and as you sit back and enjoy the professinal presentation and realism, we hope you stick with PURE and help us to grown this into something huge. With your help it is possible.

    Season One runs June - November 2012. It all begins Wednesday June 20th.

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  2. you guys check it out every wednesday night even tho i don't own it i love to watch it
  3. All three of your posts have been advertising this (I edited one). Are you sure you don't own it lol?
  4. He said he does't own it Crayo, can you not read? It's actually his double personality that owns it :haha:.
  5. nah i don't own it a friend of mine name creed owns it he's used one of my character in his show before if you type in on youtube pwe gaming series you will see..

    so am just basically promoting it by showing you all how good he is
  6. Nice Fed should catch up on our internet fed, Federation X. It has really great storylines and matches.
  7. yeah i totally agree with you asskicker it should catch up with your federation x but i can also post this every wednesday night for you guys to watch
  8. He means you should read Fed X lol.
  9. yeah i checked out fed x it's really interesting i hope it goes on well but still check out pure caw wrestling tho it's every Wednesday night
  10. Are the matches done using WWE 12? If so, how have you managed to edit everything to show your logo's etc.

    Really good work though, my only down point is the commentary is a bit bland, he could do with either a partner or change his voice a little for different moments etc.
  11. yeah the matches are done using wwe 12, to be completely honest with you i don't know how to do the editing bits with the logo and all that but i do agree he needs a partner to back him up a bit but overall it's an excellent show
  12. Yeah don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching it to be honest, but the commentary did get a bit tedious, if he had a partner it would help a lot IMO, as it would split it up a little and make easier listening.
  13. yeah you could always talk to him o twitter and give him advice
    here's his twitter account:
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