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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by WarMachine, May 7, 2014.

  1. My idea here is pretty simple. Long before coming here, I used to be a part of a show called "The Wrestling Opinions" which is no longer being broadcasted. It was a wrestling discussion show, that covered the recent news and shows in wrestling. We used to do the discussions on Skype, and a buddy of mine would use his Skype recording tool to record the discussion. If anyone here has Skype and wants to do a live discussion, this time under the banner 'WatchWrestling Forum', it would be nice to have live discussions. I have Skype, and would love to do shows, and either try recording them or bring the person that ran the show to this forum as I am still in contact with him. It would be epic in my mind, and will likely capture some attention outside of this forum. People would be able to see us discuss the things on YouTube, and also we can promote the forum, using this kind of thing. So I don't know if anyone wants to join, so let's just say, I am giving an open invitation. So what you guys think?
  2. I can do it yo
  3. I've supported the Skype use for LD's before, and it makes sense. Especially with PPVs, considering how the site is literally dead when a PPV happens.
  4. I would love to do it, but would I be able to meet the schedule all the time? Probably not (family life). But if I was available when you wanted to do the Skype chat, sure.
  5. LD's use of live chat works best because it keeps the site active. TNA LD's are dead as fuck, but we still do that shit over Skype chat because it is what it is ninja's.

    I'd be down to do it with old shows, though. Snag a poll for everyone's favorite PPV ever, or even their favorite RAW feuds (Mankind with Linda vs Vince and co being one example) and run those using a randomized program or some shit. Sounds terrible already.
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