Watched Iron Man 3 last night....

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. What the bloody fuck was that shit?!?!? The mandarin wasn't Asian and wasn't really the mandarin?!?!?? The greatest Iron Man enemy there is was reduced to a drugged out actor?!?!?? They can't use the excuse of magic not being realistic enough cause they introduced that shit in other Marvel movies. Suffice to say it's the worst major Marvel movie to date, what a piece of trash!

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  2. Lol yup this was the general consensus among my fellow peers..
    Although I have to say Guy Pearce did an amazing job for how shitty the movie was written.
    Needless to say if you haven't seen Thor 2, it definitely made up for that piece of shit imo.

    Good Thread!:woo:
  3. I'm planning to watch Thor 2 soon, if it's even close to the first one it'll be a huge upgrade to iron man 3.
  4. I liked iron man 3 mainly bc the other suits, didn't like the mandarin being a druggy actor
  5. Iron Man, Captain America, Dark Knight, Transformer, etc. are all trash.
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  6. Guess you didn't watch the incredible hulk
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  7. I can see how people wouldn't like super hero movies, but The Dark Knight is on a whole different level. It's hard to even compare it to a traditional superhero movie.
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  8. No one really should take my post to heart. I just hate Superhero movies.
    Although, Dark Knight is probably the only one that seems like a drama.
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  9. Yeah,It was on a whole different level compared to the others, that's all i'll say.
  10. I did, that was pretty bad. Enjoyed the second part with Edward Norton though.
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  11. But he wasn't really the mandarin, it was that other guy, with the crazy fire powers.
  12. Iron Man 3 was absolute trash.
  13. Ily bby :yay:
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  14. I have yet to see it. Never liked iron man. I think I only saw the first one.
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