Summerslam Way Too Early Summer Slam card prediction?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Redboy123@, Jun 29, 2018.

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  1. We are a couple of months from the apparent second biggest show in the WWE calendar year. IMO the last few Summerslams have no lived up to expectation. Out of the Big Four, Summerslam has really struggled the most. So, what match card would help Summerslam truly be the biggest party of the summer?

    A few ideas I have:
    Universal Title- Brock vs Rollins
    WWE Title- AJ vs Orton/Mysterio/Bryan/Joe...
    Braun Strowman vs Undertaker (keeps Braun away from Brock)
    Raw Women's Title- Bliss vs Ronda
    US Title- Nakamura vs Hardy in some extreme stipulation
    Bludgeon Brothers and Sanity vs New Day and The Usos
    Inaugural Women's Tag Titles- Becky and Charlotte vs Bayley and Sasha

    Including a returning Dean Ambrose, that proposed card feels like it could be a good show. Any other ideas?
  2. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (If Brock shows the fuck up)

    AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe - WWE Title

    Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey - Women's Title

    Becky Lynch vs. Carmella - Women's Title

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy - US. Title

    Author's of Pain vs. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt - RAW Tag Titles

    The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

    Some multi man match for the IC Title involving guys like Ziggler, Rollins, Lashley, maybe Strowman.. just to get a few more guys on the card who should be there
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  3. This one seems the most likely to me
  4. Miz Vs Bryan seems very rushed if they did it at Summer Slam. Personally I would do it at Mania. But maybe that's too far away
  5. I would love to put a bet down for Daniel Cormier interfering and costing Brock the title
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  6. I keep hearing Brock is retaining, fingers crossed it's a lie. Also Brock will probably retain with a Strowman cash in in a semi long match because the part timer has to look strong. Even stronger than the guys killing themselves to put over the company instead of UFC. Dana White and Vince should be buddies even Dana screwed over his talent in favor of Brock Lesnar
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  7. Andrade ''Cien'' Almas Vs. AJ Styles Anyone? Yes, we got it on Smackdown, but imagine what it could be if it was for the title in the main event of SummerSlam! Andrade is one of the best wrestlers in the company, in my opinion.
  8. Do it lol, people might hate me but I'd like to see Andrade win for shock value. Styles is getting kind of stale as champ and the WWE title is kind of a midcard belt now. Kind of like when anyone named Cena didn't hold it or a part timer came back
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  9. If Almas did win everything and everybody would be...Tranquilo.
  10. I would be, Zelina makes the gimmick work, weird she's Puerto Rican and she's always playing a Mexican wrestler. Paid the bills - Leif Garrett
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  11. Zelina helps the gimmick, in my opinion, and she maybe Perto Rican, but in WWE's eyes she is Mexican because to them if you are from Latin America and even Puerto Rico then you are Mexican, but like you said it pays the bills.
  12. I want to see Bayley vs Sasha Banks
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  13. Updated version:
    Universal Title Lesnar vs Lashley
    WWE Title AJ vs Mysterio/Joe/Undertaker
    US Title Nakamura vs Orton
    Women's Tag Titles Sasha and Bayley vs Iconic Duo
    Miz vs Bryan
    Bliss vs Rousey
    Lynch vs Carmella

  14. Brock/Rollins HAS to happen, it's so obvious but probably won't which is one of the dumbest moves ever by WWE. I can't even fathom their stupidity sometimes.

    They should've kept the IC on Seth & made it title for title. Having Seth walk around with the IC & WWE or Brock. If Seth absolutely HAS to lose in WWE's eyes (which is stupid) they could've had Dean be the one to cost him the match, full heel turn & new character.

    I actually love the idea of Mysterio coming back as opposed to some. Apparently it's fine to want UnderTaker to have one more horrible match but not for Rey who is in great shape & a legend in his own right.

    loved Rey Vs Almas. They should've had Cena & Orton turn heel together as another two man power trip. Could've even called them that, beating the crap out of everybody with chairs & blood ect... There's literally nothing else for Cena left to do, I know he won't but he should. Then Orton could hold the fort down while he's away

    I think WWE will just book Joe vs AJ to appease the hardcore fans or anybody that actually cares if the card is booked good what so ever & then they will stink up the rest of their card... that's usually the formula
  15. I want to see both of them. Past stars are better then current stars because WWE doesn't care about building up stars anymore. Rey can still wrestle and Undertaker can still go in the ring.

    The problem with fantasy booking heel turns is that there never is a reason for the turn. All these fans saying they want Dean to return as a heel, whithout even thinking of a reason why he has turned bad. Sure I want Dean as a heel, but I want my wrestling to make sense. Dean returning as a heel to screw Rollins makes zero sense. Best heel turns have motives. Cena and Orton being in a tag team makes no sense to me.
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    I'm sure they can write one in... that's usually how it works. They can make stuff up as they go & add in where they need to. None of it is real lol, make one up. Not too many times WWE has a guy just turn for no reason, even if it's a small one they write one in so that's all I'm saying to do.

    Say he was the real architect, when Shield started he was the leader blah blah "Sick of watching you walk around this place like you're the biggest workhorse, I was out almost a year & still wrestled more matches than anybody on this show yet they call ME lazy"

    Whatever, anythings better than what he was doing. Talk about making sense... what kind of sense does it make to keep him doing the same crap every week, stale AF... Yeah story wise it might make sense but who cares if nobody is paying attention.

    I disagree with Taker being able to go... he might be able to not die in a match but he's pretty dang slow... his last 2 matches were not the quality they built it to be. I get the attraction.... But I also think it's getting old. He's welcome to stay as far as I'm concerned, just looks ridiculous. I would have had him done the year Brock beat him... except Brock shouldn't have beat him... then they had Roman beat him. They ruined everything. There comes a point when you're too old for everybody
  17. WWE doing heel turns then the next week a wrestler cuts a promo giving weak as fuck reason for the heel turn needs to stop. If you wanna make the heel turn successful think of a reason for the turn. The idea of Dean turning because he is jealous is generic and weak af.

    Why not tell a story. Bring him back as face, plant the seed, then turn him heel. That's just the way I do things, instead of doing random turns then making up weak reasons for the turns
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  18. I see what you mean... I feel like it would have a bigger impact for him to return out of the blue though & crack somebody with a chair. Also about the weak reasons but again... anything is better than how he was, I'd be fine with it if they came up with a good reason & wrote it in. I think that's actually a pretty good reason because he WAS the leader but then they kind of tried to erase that & buried him on tv every week saying he was lazy just because they were pissed about what he said on lesnar being the lazy one on austins podcast... they just don't like his attitude of telling it like it is, they don't like anybody who does that.... and that should be his character
  19. Was Dean the leader? I thought he was just the guy who spoke the most. I always saw them as equals
  20. I always saw Dean right in the middle when they did those skits. I may be wrong about this, however.