Summerslam Way Too Early Summer Slam card prediction?

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  1. We are a couple of months from the apparent second biggest show in the WWE calendar year. IMO the last few Summerslams have no lived up to expectation. Out of the Big Four, Summerslam has really struggled the most. So, what match card would help Summerslam truly be the biggest party of the summer?

    A few ideas I have:
    Universal Title- Brock vs Rollins
    WWE Title- AJ vs Orton/Mysterio/Bryan/Joe...
    Braun Strowman vs Undertaker (keeps Braun away from Brock)
    Raw Women's Title- Bliss vs Ronda
    US Title- Nakamura vs Hardy in some extreme stipulation
    Bludgeon Brothers and Sanity vs New Day and The Usos
    Inaugural Women's Tag Titles- Becky and Charlotte vs Bayley and Sasha

    Including a returning Dean Ambrose, that proposed card feels like it could be a good show. Any other ideas?
  2. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (If Brock shows the fuck up)

    AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe - WWE Title

    Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey - Women's Title

    Becky Lynch vs. Carmella - Women's Title

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy - US. Title

    Author's of Pain vs. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt - RAW Tag Titles

    The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

    Some multi man match for the IC Title involving guys like Ziggler, Rollins, Lashley, maybe Strowman.. just to get a few more guys on the card who should be there
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  3. This one seems the most likely to me
  4. Miz Vs Bryan seems very rushed if they did it at Summer Slam. Personally I would do it at Mania. But maybe that's too far away
  5. I would love to put a bet down for Daniel Cormier interfering and costing Brock the title
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  6. I keep hearing Brock is retaining, fingers crossed it's a lie. Also Brock will probably retain with a Strowman cash in in a semi long match because the part timer has to look strong. Even stronger than the guys killing themselves to put over the company instead of UFC. Dana White and Vince should be buddies even Dana screwed over his talent in favor of Brock Lesnar
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  7. Andrade ''Cien'' Almas Vs. AJ Styles Anyone? Yes, we got it on Smackdown, but imagine what it could be if it was for the title in the main event of SummerSlam! Andrade is one of the best wrestlers in the company, in my opinion.
  8. Do it lol, people might hate me but I'd like to see Andrade win for shock value. Styles is getting kind of stale as champ and the WWE title is kind of a midcard belt now. Kind of like when anyone named Cena didn't hold it or a part timer came back
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  9. If Almas did win everything and everybody would be...Tranquilo.
  10. I would be, Zelina makes the gimmick work, weird she's Puerto Rican and she's always playing a Mexican wrestler. Paid the bills - Leif Garrett
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  11. Zelina helps the gimmick, in my opinion, and she maybe Perto Rican, but in WWE's eyes she is Mexican because to them if you are from Latin America and even Puerto Rico then you are Mexican, but like you said it pays the bills.