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The Game
Hi everyone its me. Its been a while since ive created a thread on this forum. I have to say, i have not watched alot of wrestling during the lockdown. But recently I've started to get back into watching wwe alot more.

What i like doing with wrestling, more then actually watching itself, is fantasizing what will happen next. Of course the next big show is Summerslam.

What makes Summerslam 2020 such an intriguing show is that it potentially could be WWE's first live show in front of a live audience since the coronavirus lockdown. Especially considering there is talks of it being moved back to September.

The thought of a huge wrestling event infront of thousands of wrestling fans is very special. WWE could put on a very special show indeed.

Here is what I would do if was in charge:

Kick off show.

The crowd is going to be absolutely insane, so this pre show is deffo going to be worth he watch just on the fans alone.

Heathy Machinery and Jeff Hardy w/ Mandy Rose vs Sheamus, Cesaro and Nakamura

Just think of how over Otis will be. This match would be the perfect warm up match to get people excited for a wild night of entertainment. It would be cool to see Sheamus and Cesaro reunite. Always liked that tag team.

Battle Royal for a chance at the US or IC title later on in the night

Battle Royals are fun aren't they? A great way of getting everyone on the card. Apollo Crews is the guy for me. Very happy to see him win the US but can't feel the dashion he won it was underwhelming. Let's put the title back on Andrade and lets do this right. Apollo wins and we see him again later on in the night.

Raw Tag Titles- The Vikings Warriors vs The Street Profits

These two tag teams are battling it out at everything besides wrestling. Let's not forget that the Steet Profits have yet to defeat the Viking Warriors. The Warriors win the titles at Extreme Riles leading to this big blow off match.

Main Show

Raw Womens Title- Asuka /w Kairi Sane vs Shanya Baszler

This match would of been Becky vs Baszler but women have babies and that's why they get paid less. Still, Asuka is a great babyface champion and she is going to be insanely over against Baszler aka the female Baron Corbin. Two of the most dominant nxt champions of all time going off against each other.

Smackdown Tag Titles- The New Day vs The Usos

It's the first live wrestling show infront of a paying audience. Lets give them new day v usos and make them happy.
Guaranteed great match. You can even have Woods return to back his team mates.

Intercontinental Title- Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn w/ Nakamura and Cesaro

This match writes itself. A Wrestlemania rematch this time the shoe is on the oher foot and sami Zayn feels that he has been cheated out of the title. This could be a great great match. So much story to untangle. Even have a resigned Gulak make a run in to even the score.

NXT Women's title- Charlotte Flair vs Bianca B

Charlotte Flair is going to be on this show no matter if you like it or not. I don't watch NXT. I dont know who is in line for the title. I know Bianca is not currently in NXT but that shouldn't stop them booking this match between two highly competitive athletes. Charlotte wins LOL

United States title Andrade w/ Vega and Garza vs Alister Black vs Apollo Crews

Apollo chooses to challenge for the United States title against the 2x champ Andrade and the pissed off Alistair Black. These three could have a fun triple threat and can showcase the three men on a bug stage cementing them as the main guys in Raw's upper midcard scene.

Smackdown Women's title- Bayley vs Sasha Banks

Long term booking at its its finest. Am i the only one who thinks wwe have done a fantastic job with Bayley and Sasha ober the last few months. Bayley in particular has been fantastic. This is clearly the match they have been buildung towards and i am all for it. Its Sasha vs bayley with a fantastic story. Give it time and it could be great. Have Sasha finally betray Bayley on a episode of Smackdown and we can all enjoy this fued.

Seth Rollins w/ Murphy and Theory vs Edge

I think this match makes all of the sense in the world. I'm almost certain this match will happen irl it makes so much sense. The monday night messiah turns his direction to eradicate Edge from Raw. Seth has been doing sone amazing promos and character work as of late and this would compilate perfectly with Edges comeback. Just think of the promos and story these teo could tell.

Universal title- Braun Strowman/w The Fiend vs Roman Reigns

If i was in charge of creative on Smackdown then without a doubt i would allign Braun with Bray. No one cares for a babyface Braun Strowman title run. Let's bring back the old monster heel Braun. This will tie amazingly with The fiends character. At Extreme Rules Braun is booked to face a vengeful Fiend in a Extreme rules match this turns out to be a firefly funhouse type acid trip resulting in Braun coming home to Wyatt. Keep the title on Braun to show how great Braun can be under the guidance of Bray, since he likes to rewrite history so much. Speaking of history, Roman Reigns returns to challenge Braun for the title he never lost. Bray could do amazing work delving into his past history with Roman.

AJ Styles vs The Undertaker Buried Alive match

This fued has clearly not ended and I'm certain we will see these two collide. At Backlash The Undertaker screws AJ out of the intercontinental title and continues to haunt AJ until he cant take no more. AJ challenges Undertaker to a buried alive match to end taker once and for all. There is no point in having Undertaker in a normal wrestling match. So lets add loads of smoke and mirriors to make this just has exciting as there boneyard match.

WWE Championship- Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs Kevin Owens vs Bobby Lashley w/ MVP

I decided on this match because I had no idea who Drew could wrestle. I tried to forecast who he could fued with after Lashley and my mind went blank. You can't possibly do Drew vs Lashley all the way to September. This made ne think just do Drew vs Lesnar again. But then i thought Kevin Owens deserves to be in the main event scene. So lets just put all 4 guys in the match. A mouthwatering main event reminiscent to Summerslam 2017s main event.

Other matches they could include but didn't make the cut are Joe vs Orton, Alexa vs Cross and Morrison vs Miz.

So that's my summerslam card predictions. Tell me what you think below and tell me yours. Nice one
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Brock Lesnar
Jinder Mahal vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE title

Braun Strowman vs AJ Styles for the Universal title

Asuka vs Liv Morgan for the RAW Women's title

Daniel Bryan vs Baron Corbin for the IC title

Apollo Crews vs MVP for the US title

Bayley vs Sasha Bank for the SmackDown women's title

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs Iconics for the tag team women's title

New Day vs Forgotten Sons for the SmackDown tag team titles

Street Profits vs Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory for the RAW tag team titles

Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

Edge or Jeff Hardy vs Bray Wyatt...

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The Game

Alot if things have changed since my initial prediction. So I'm going to make some changes.

First of all, Summerslam will no doubt be at the performance centre this year. May have to wait until later in the year for he return of live audiences. So lets keep that in my mind when predicting.

WWE Championship- Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton. This match should main event. Orton has been doing some of the best heel work in his career and it would be great to take advantage of this and give Drew a huge win. I personally don't think we will see Brock until the live audiences return.

Universal title- Braun Strowman vs The Fiend. It's clear that we are leading to a cinematic type match to end this fued at Summerslam. My twist on this is that instead of Bray winning the title we will see Bray and Braun join forces. Bray won't have to hold the burden of holding the title and Braun can undergo a well needed character change that would be similar to the Fiend. A win win situation for all parties involved. How they would come to this? I don't know, be creative.

Raw Womens title- Sasha Banks vs Asuka. Most people would say do Sasha vs Bayley but imo lets hold off on that and take the story into a new direction. Sasha beats Asuka for he title at Extreme Rules with the help of Bayley. This will give Asuka a great opportunity to win the title in a more traditional way and will continue the Bayley and sasha fued and the theme that Sasha can't hold on to a title.

Smackdown Womens title- Bayley w/ Sasha vs Mandy Rose w/ Otis


WWE Championship---Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton----Drew needs a good feud with the title, enough of these one off ppv matches and then on to the next challenger. I think these 2 guys can carry this through the fall. PREDICTION: Orton wins—new champion

Universal Championship--- Braun Strowman (c) vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt---this match will see The Fiend variation of Bray Wyatt. Braun has been blah as champ but mainly because a lot of the roster is missing. If you really think about it, Braun wasn’t even supposed to be champ, it was Reigns that was going to defeat Goldberg at Mania. PREDICTION: The Fiend wins---new champion

Raw Women’s Championship---Sasha Banks (c) vs Asuka---Steel Cage Match---I think it’s logical that this feud continues but add a little to it with the Steel Cage stipulation. Just do not do one of those Bayley in a shark cage suspended above the ring deals. PREDICTION: Banks retains by escaping the cage

SmackDown Women’s Championship---Bayley (c) vs Nikki Cross vs Alexa Bliss----it may appear to be a disadvantage for Bayley but the desire to be champion for Cross and Bliss will cause them to fight amongst each other. PREDICTION: Bayley retains with a roll-up to Bliss----Cross attacks Bliss after the match

Intercontinental Championship---AJ Styles (c) vs Big E----if Big E is going to get a singles run for the next few weeks then let’s make it worthwhile. AJ obviously needs a challenger with Daniel Bryan out and Shorty G or Drew Gulak aren’t ppv worthy PREDICTION: AJ retains in a show stealer

Submission Match---Nia Jax vs Shayna Baszler----they’ll continue their battle leading to this match but eventually I can see them joining forces and creating a tag team together. PREDICTON: Baszler wins

Raw Tag Team Championship----The Street Profits (c) vs Andrade/Garza----should be a decent match, although I just saw it on Raw a few weeks back. PREDICTION: Andrade/Garza win—new champs

SmackDown Tag Team Championship---Cesaro/Nakamura (c) vs Miz/Morrison---Cesaro and Shin will be guests on Miz TV one night and they’ll bring up how they’re professionals and Miz and Morrison are just goofballs. Miz and Morrison will stand up for themselves, inciting a face turn for them. I honestly don’t know who else to challenge for tag titles (New Day, Usos both out, Forgotten Sons are done, Heavy Machinery maybe but is Tucker even still around) PREDICTION: Cesaro/Nakamura retain

Tag Team Match---Rollins/Murphy vs Rey and Dominik Mysterio----this should be the end to this feud. They will limit Dominik by having this be a tag match. PREDICTION: Rey and Dominik win

Singles Match---Matt Riddle vs King Corbin---I can see this being the opening bout. PREDICTION: Riddle wins

Pre-Show—6 Man Tag---The Hurt Business (MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley) vs Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews, and R-Truth--------PREDICTION: The Hurt Business wins

Pre-Show---Singles Match---Lacey Evans vs Naomi----PREDICTION: Naomi wins
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