WrestleMania Way too early Wrestlemania 36 card predictions

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The Game
Hey guys, wazzup. Happy New Year. I hope you all will be having fun tonight. I won't be because I am ill. Sorry to all the ladies who were hoping to kiss me tonight. Apologise.

Anyway...let's discuss our way too early wrestlemania 36 card predictions.

Every year I say the same thing. WWE have too many bodies that they try and cram into this card and therefore it's pretty much impossible to foresee what the card will be. WWE are planning on pushing Alister Black Drew Mclntyre and Eric Rowen, but what about Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Rusev? And that's just Raw I'm talking about. There really are alot of different people to consider.

So instead of trying to predict I'm just going to do what I would do if I was Vince McMahon, while still staying in the realms of reality.

So here it is:

Universal title- The Fiend vs Roman Reigns

Its wrestlemania so let's just make the biggest possible match you can make on Smackdown. Two extremely well booked wrestlers. It just makes sense. I do think there is a chance of the Roman Reigns hate coming back though. You can even have The fiend win. Either way this is a main event worthy calibre matchup

Raw Womans title- Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey or Shanya Baszler

Becky Lynch is currently in fantastically built up feud with Asuka that is sure to finish at the Rumble with Becky getting her win back. After that there is no bigger story to tell other then Ronda getting her revenge. It's such a good story that if Ronda isn't available then get her mate Shayna to try and avenge her loss.

Smackdown women's title- Sasha vs Bayley

Baylays heel turn has been a modest success and we can say thank you to Sasha Banks. I do find it weird that Sasha is an understudy to the champ. I think she has a masterplan and will betray Bayley and win the title before Mania. Then Bayley can revert back to her old self but with her newly found edge and regain her title at Mania. Imagine Bayley saying 'you turned me into something I ain't, now you have to deal with the consequences.' Who wouldn't be behind Bayley?

WWE title- Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owen's vs Samoa Joe vs Drew McIntyre

This is just me cramming people onto this card but you can't say this match wouldn't tear the house down. Fans are interested in seeing all 3 guys take on the beast. But to be honest it should really just be Lesnar vs Owens. But I ain't leaving Joe and Drew off this card. Tempted to add Lashley as it goes lol.

Daniel Bryan vs Edge

Daniel Bryan will have a marquee match at Mania. That is a fact. A dream match that we thought we will never see. If the rumours are true then Edge vs Bryan would be a very poetic match. Two guys who thought they'd never wrestle ever again. Bryan loses to the fiend could lead him more broken and desperate man crossing paths with the ultimate opportunist.

Seth Rollins vs CM Punk no holds barred

Much to the same as Bryan, Seth is set to have a huge match at Mania. Deservingly so. Seth is set to have an incredible heel run on raw. From a storyline point of view, Punk is the best option. Seth vs Punk fits like a glove. It's the best vs the best. It's mr wwe vs anti wwe. Add in interferences from the AOP and a sprinkle of Triple H drama (remember that podcast, how can you not).

Intercontinental title match- Strowman vs Sheamus

Strowman almost certainly is ripping the title away from Nakamura at the rumble and will continue to be a force to reckon with on the smackdown roster. Sheamus is a fantastic hard hitting opponent for Strowman at mania. Going for his first IC title, Sheamus has returned to remove the weak. Strowman doesn't look so weak to me.

United states title ladder match- Andrade vs Mysterio vs Ricochet vs Carillo vs Rusev vs Lashley vs Rowan vs Black vs Murphy

I'm hoping a few of these lads get injured so I dont have to try and cram them all onto the card. This is just a way of showcasing more of the raw roster. Looks like it could be an amazing matchup. The talent in this match is unprecedented. Surprisingly there is alot of story in this match too.

Smackdown tag team titles- Nakamura and Cesaro vs New Day vs The Usos

Sorry Heavy Machinery but I think this should be about Kofi. I would love to give Kofi a bigger match but that doesn't mean this can't be gripping. Kofi becomes iron man in the rumble but gets eliminated and snaps. This leads to Kofi costing his team the titles to Shin and Swing. Hint a Kofi heel turn and decension with Big E. The Usos return as ruthless heels and beat New Day, once again it being Kofis fault. Then we have a last chance match and Kofi pulls it out the bag and gets added to the match at mania

Raw tag team titles- The Viking warriors vs AOP

A lovley hard hitting kick off tag team match. Two team that have been built up like absolute monsters. The street profits could be added to this match but all the other tag teams in Raw can get dumped into the battle royal.

Baron Corbin, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena, Undertaker and Goldberg

So this seem randomly absurd, right? But think of this being the impromtue Wrestlemania momment with returning legends. Kinda like when Rock defeated Rowen at wrestlemania 32. Corbin and his lackey are in the ring gloating saying no 3 men can go toe to toe with them. Cena comes out...then Taker...followed by Goldberg. You got yourself a wrestlemania momment Michael Cole.

Randy Orton vs AJ Styles

A repeat of last year. Who would of thought? These two had a killer angle on last nights Raw, where they did plant the seed that these two would be colliding once again at mania. AJ wants to end Ortons career and Orton wants to just RKO someone. There isn't much in this fued for it to last until mania but if they are going to plant the seed then I am going to entertain it. Especially if it's this entertaining. You could swap AJ for Drew and have AJ in a more prominent place on the card challenging for the title.

John Morrison vs The Miz

Morrison is set to return to WWE after 9 years away. You wanna know the kayfabe reason for his departure? John Laurentis fired him after R-Truth took him out. Almost 10 years later R-Truth is a very different man to his crazy 2011 gimmick. So instead of revisiting that, why not revisit the parallels between Miz and Morrison. Miz fueled with jealousy could turn on Morrison after a short reunion. 'You try and take my spotlight after I've worked so hard to shrug you off!'. What a story they could tell.

Womens tag titles match- Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte and Natalya or a mystery partner.

Charlotte Flair will have a big match at Mania. That's just the way it is. Why not have her face off against the extremely talented Kabuki Warriors? She just needs a partner. Natalya is the only currently active talent that makes sense but everyone seems to hate her. So why not a returning or debuting star?

Mens battle royal- Ziggler wins eliminating Otis

Womens battle royal- Dana wins

So that's my card. What is yours? Let's have a good old discussion. I will tell you how its inferior to mine.

Stay frosty


Bringing the Internet Pain
Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar

Edge vs Randy Orton

John Cena open challenge, answered by either Velveteen Dream or Hulk Hogan

The Fiend vs Roman Reigns

King Corbin vs Bill Goldberg

Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy and AOP vs Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Aleister Black, and the Big Show. Big post match beatdown by the Rollins and company, the crow sounds hits and Sting appears. Once Sting cleans house, the gong hits and out comes The Undertaker, which then leads to Sting vs The Undertaker

Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey

Becky Lynch vs Shayna Baszler

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Women's Battle Royal

NXT title match

IC title ladder match

Raw tag title match

SmackDown tag title match


The Architect
I think this is pretty close to what the real card might look like barring possibly just a couple of minor changes...


-Men's Battle Royal
-Women's Battle Royal
-Bobby Lashley and Lana vs. Rusev and Liv Morgan
-Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs Kabuki Warriors
-Sheamus vs Shinsuke Nakamura
-Rey Mysterio vs Andrade
-New Day vs The Usos vs Miz & Morrison vs Team Hell No


-John Cena vs Velvateen Dream
-Sasha Banks vs Bayley
-Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair
-Braun Strowman & Tyson Fury vs Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler
-Edge vs Randy Orton
-HHH vs AJ
-Shayna Baszler vs Becky Lynch
-Joe, KO, Black, Ricochet vs Seth, Murphy, AOP
-Sting vs UnderTaker
-Roman Reigns vs The Fiend
-Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre

Possible Alternate

Pre Show:

-Men's Battle Royal
-Women's Battle Royal
-Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs Kabuki Warriors
-Rey Mysterio vs Andrade
-New Day vs The Usos vs Miz & Morrison


-John Cena vs Baron Corbin
-Sheamus vs Braun Strowman
-Sasha Banks vs Bayley
-Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair
-Edge vs Randy Orton
-AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan
-Shayna Baszler vs Becky Lynch
-Joe, KO, Black, Ricochet vs Seth, Murphy, AOP
-Sting vs UnderTaker
-Roman Reigns vs The Fiend
-Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre
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