Ways Brad Maddox can win next week.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Come up with ways in this thread how Brad can overcome Ryback.
  2. Punk run in when ref is taken out by Ryback accidentally hitting him with the meat hook?
  3. I would think Punk would interfere somehow to 'pay Maddox a favor' but then again Punk probably thinks he beat Ryback all by himself.

    Brad will probably find a way to cheat somehow unless someone randomly interferes.
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  4. Dq ryback sets up for shell shock punk comes down and hits ryback
  5. Brad will never win clean, that's for sure. And it's also sure that Punk wouldn't intervene
  6. I believe that Punk isn't behind the Maddox thing.

    Whoever is, will interfere on Monday. You can guarantee that.

    Brad isn't going over clean, and Ryback isn't winning.
  7. Cleanly with the Deal Breaker of course.
  8. Maybe The Rock?
  9. Nah I think he is with Paul and Punk to be honest.
  10. I'd love Vince to get involved in someway or Brock.
  11. Maybe that referee for that match will screw ryback too, and we find out that all of the referees are siding with punk and heyman, thus helping punk win up until they have brad go and turn on punk costing him the title ultimately.

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