Ways to get Hunter som extra heat

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  1. This thread is simple. Hunter and the corporate storyline is trotting along nicely as it is. But if you could do something to give Hunter some more heat without being too outlandish (Katie Vick) what would you do?

    A simple way to do this I believe is to ban certain moves, particularly the ones used by babyfaces. Lets say for example that the Usos are feuding with the Shield for the tag belts, and Hunter bans the Samoan drop or the diving splash, removing two big moves from their offense. But then during a match Roman hits a Samoan drop or Seth does the splash and Hunter allows it/forces the ref to allow it. Its a simple way to build heat for him since it shows him as being against the good guys but also a hypocrite for allowing heels to use the banned moves.

    How would you help Hunter get even more over as a heel?
  2. H has been getting over as a heel very easily. All he had to do is screw over Daniel Bryan and look like a corporate sellout and everybody hates him. If he bashed the fans once in a while it would get more heat on him, but Triple H is playing a different kind of heel this time. It's unlike any character he's ever done.
  3. who's this hunter som you speak of?
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  4. Have him attack some baby faces! Or send the Shield in to do it.
  5. "Fire" someone popular who needs a rest.

  6. Well, he could join up with Jack Swagger and his "We the People" group, then adopt a straight arm salute.... **That** in itself would bring on the *heat* :: ducking ::
  7. I love seeing Hunter bait all the internet marks. He's been doing it a bit lately. I think he needs to talk about how Bryan just can't get through that "glass ceiling".
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