WBC deserves 1 thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. GO USA. If they win the tourney I make some nice cake. Tough pool with Canada Italy and Mexico. Should be US and Can advancing
  2. Italy knocked us out last time :facepalm: Hoping for a better result this time around. Fourth place in the tourney would be a huge accomplishment if we can pull it off. Top 3 will be IMO Japan, US, and DR.
  3. Daniels was talking about how badass Cuba was last night. A few good teams, but on paper we should roll.

    Vegas has it at 2.5/1 for the US and 3/1 for Japan. I went ahead and put down 1 to win $250 on the Muricans
  4. Good luck, I know you guys are looking for revenge from last time. What pool do we cross over with?
  5. Think it's A/B & C/D. C = DR, PR & Venezuela
  6. Fuck
  7. USA and Canada got owned yesterday. I'm officially saying fuck the WBC :lol1:
  8. Damn didn't see this thread. Anyways, way to go Dickey ya bum.
  9. Mexico lost so if US wins tonight and tomorrow they move on.
  10. US got fucked up by Mexico, thanks a lot, Danny and Senhor, your boy let us all down.
  11. Braun left a few guys on base. Wright had two hits and an RBI. Dickey is a trader.
  12. What a fucking brawl during the Canada/Mexico game, hard ass punches were thrown, even Larry Walker got in the mix! Watch highlights! :cornette:
  13. He belongs to Canada now :happy:
  14. Hell yeah, USA better win this sum bitch
  15. International Salami for David Wright. What a stud.
  16. What a hit n run to plate two for u.s. to take their first lead on canada, in top of the 8th
  17. Vs mexico? He flew out, shit happens, he also walked. He probably had to piss clean that day.
  18. He's doing good today. Him, Rollins, Wright, Jones, and mauer all playing good.
  19. I honestly cant believe we lost a game, that lineup.
  20. lol yeah and ITALY is 3-0 ........ what.
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