Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Prince Bálor, May 25, 2016.

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  1. What Culture Pro Wrestling? LOLWTF

    Source: WhatCulture
  2. Still a better show than TNA.
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  3. What TNA have you been watching? If you have been watching at all. :jericho:
  4. I catch the recap videos on their YouTube channel, mostly garbage.
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    I don't have much faith in it, tbh. But then again, there's a company named GFW. So... :bodallas:
  6. They think they are funny, just end up looking like middle class wankers .
  7. The recap shows must do a horrible job because their product has been better than WWEs for the better part of 2 years.
  8. Gross
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  9. Crazy kids thinking that because people like their simplistic, mark filled booking videos can lead them to running a successful promotion.

    WCPW out of buildness in a month!:pipebomb:
  10. Prime stupidity is what this will be
  11. Lol.
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  12. This times 2
  13. This would've been true four years ago.
  14. is it bad that the only thing I find surprising about this is the fact Suzie Kennedy is still with WhatCulture? She was involved in like 3 videos on the wrestling channel then disappeared lol
  15. Man. I was pretty cynical with this, but they show promise.
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  16. Then the main event:

  17. lol'd at the dude trying to sell us on Newcastle by mentioning Neville :pity1:
  18. I weren't a big fan of the Pacitti club and BX shit. But this is just dumb.
    Nice to see my trainer, El Ligero on it tho
  19. Gnome Dar tho :smirk2:
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