WCW booking fail

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Look at this match, this is a prime example on why the wCw failed in booking...

    I mean, this guys attacked Jarrett 3-4 times and didn't get disqualified, despite the fact that Charles Robinson saw the whole damn thing going. Schiavone made an excuse (as miserable as it was), that the Filthy Animals were way too fast for Robinson to react to them.

    What baffles me even more, is that when Jarrett was tossed to the outside he got beat down by Kidman and Konna. Tigress (Booker T's wife Sharmell) all of a sudden protects the two from getting disqualified by Robinson. So, they weren't afraid the first 3-4 times, but now all of a sudden they are afraid of disqualification?

    Looking at this old matches, makes me wonder what were Russo and Bischoff smoking back than...

  2. What is that, the Impact Zone? :haha:

    Anyway, this kind of booking retardation was pretty common during the Russo Era of WCW. There was also a Falls Count Anywhere match that ended in count out simply because they brawled too far away from the ring and a No DQ match that ended in (wait for it) a DQ. 2000 WCW was all sorts of epic failure, especially since Russo seemed intent on copying a lot of WWF gimmicks and story lines.

    That was a pretty good, fast paced match, though. Especially the way Jarrett flung Mysterio off of him after the failed Bronco Buster and the epic mid-air guitar shot at the end.
  3. The good ol days :lol1:
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