We are all in the same boat

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Lets not pretend lads, we are all in this toegtehr.

    We are all wrestling fans, and we are all nerds. I have to justify myself everyday People judge me as a nerd for liking wrestling. In school, I was bullied for liking wrestling, and I am sure all you lot were to.

    I think we need to stop being in denial, and be more live and let live, at the end of the day. We were too smart to enjoy frivelous things, so we ended up wrestling fans.

    We need to accept it, and deal with it.
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  2. Hopefully it's a big boat.
  3. "I'm so damn smart, I became a wrestling fan!"

    Except for those of us who watch TNA, of course.
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  4. >TGMI Bullied at School

    >Most Likely for the Posters of Orton in his bag

    *Same old Shit chant breaks out*
  5. Really? lol. I mostly keep it to myself. My friends used to like wrestling when they where young and like it for nothing more than nostalgic reasons. I would be embarrassed to a certain extent to declare i like wrestling to a stranger or to my friends, mainly because it's not part of the culture in Sweden and majority of people think it's exclusively for kids and it's "fake". None of my friends are wrestling fans, and I don't talk about it with them save my two closest friends who know I watch it. I don't purchase WWE merchandise or anything like that, Fuck it.
  6. I was never bullied for liking wrestling. I guess people are a bit different here in Serbia when it comes to wrestling.

    But, for instance, it's easier to start a fight with someone or a group of people when you say 'Your favorite football team sucks.' It's crazy how people can be ticked off in various and silly ways and get into a fight over it.

    Some of my friends were watching it for a while back then (think it was in 2007 when they were airing it here on TV), but then they had outgrown it. But, not me.
    I was still talking about it, well, mostly about Edge and my friends started calling me Edge at one point.

    - Also, if you're being bullied about something, anything, don't you stand up to the bully instead of caving in?
    I mean, you go and punch the wanker right into the face... Or better yet, gather your friends around and beat the living crap out of the bully/bullies.
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  7. People can be bullied for all sorts of reasons.
    Roman Reigns and TGMI are the same age (according to TGMI's profile) and I doubt Reigns was bullied in school for liking wrestling.
    This tells me that a big guy like him either a) couldn't be bullied because of his size b) wouldn't be bullied because he wouldn't allow it or c) didn't reveal a love for wrestling.
    It's funny that TGMI would be bullied in school considering he grew during the Attitude Era and some of the Golden Era as well.

    Personally, I never allowed myself to be bullied because I fought back whether it was 1 or 3 dudes. In fact, I was more of a bully myself than the other way around.
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  8. I was loud and proud lad

    at the end of the day, who give a shiny shit. i know lads who pretend not to watch, because they think it will help them spread their seed. the wenches like confidence, not a lad who is scare to be himself
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  9. I hate this same old shit malarky

    People say I am set in my ways, but guess what? I don't give a shit. Self Rightious arseholes trying to tell me how to live my life can kiss it
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  10. part of the bullying was because i was smart and funny

    the lads tried to take my confidence away. the same thing happened in college, some metrosexuals set fire to me hair on the bus.
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