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Everybody who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion about what's going on in pro wrestling - The Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Cast a vote in the comments. Give us the four performers you think entertained or impressed the most in the last week, and feel free to talk about why. And/or vote for your top performer in our poll.

We also have the outcome of last week's voting, the results of which make up our annual competition for Performer of the Year.

Remember, the Standings are for the previous week’s nationally televised and internet streaming pro wrestling shows - WWE’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view (PPV), the Sept. 16 episode of Monday Night Raw, SmackDown & 205 Live on Tues, Sept. 17, NXT UK & NXT from Wednesday, this week’s Impact, ROH TV & MLW Fusion shows, New Japan’s Destruction events, Evolve 135 & 136, and any other televised or internet streaming wrestling that aired from Sept. 15 - 21, 2019.

Make YOUR mark, smarks!

Chad, who’d you vote for?

  • Doesn’t matter whether you’re King of the Ring. Beat Shane O’Mac, get Smark love.
  • Doesn’t matter if you were acting General Manager during a dreadful run of Raws. Play a great heel and advance to the King of the Ring final, get Smark love.
  • The Four Horsewomen remain your queens of the ring, as always. Everybody charted, with the heels and The Man finishing top five.
  • Just teasing Fiend attacks on Stone Cold & Taker earned the host of Firefly FunHouse a sixth place tie with the man who pinned AJ Styles and shared a Steveweiser with Austin (what a difference a week makes, huh?). The Universal champ was also part of that beer bash.
  • She didn’t earn her way in the live premiere’s #1 contenders match, but The Mosh Pit Kid did get a few chair shots in on the champ.
The S3: 2019 - 20, Week 23

1. Chad Gable
2. Becky Lynch
3. Baron Corbin
4. Sasha Banks
5. Bayley
6. (tie) Bray Wyatt
6. (tie) Cedric Alexander
8. Seth Rollins
9. Rhea Ripley
10. Charlotte Flair

Points in our weekly Standings determine our annual list - full details on rules and scoring HERE.

Where a couple champions pass the guy feuding with Shane McMahon, and The Boss knocks The Panama City Playboy out of the top ten...

The S3 Performer of the Year - through the Week ending Sept. 14

1. Becky Lynch - 120
2. Bray Wyatt - 98
3. Jon Moxley - 54
4. Kofi Kingston - 53.5
5. Seth Rollins - 50.5
6. Bayley - 50
7. Kevin Owens - 49
8. R-Truth - 41.33
9. Sami Zayn - 34
10. Sasha Banks - 33

So, that was that week. Now who you got from the one that started with Clash of Champions? Click the links if you need help remembering that show, or Raw, SmackDown, the YouTube shows of All Elite, NXT, New Japan, MLW, and the indies (bonus link! Rev. Claire’s Sermon on the Mat!).

Then type and/or click your picks below. We’ll take it from there.

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Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
We are ready & willing for a Chad Gable push
Are we talking about a proper push where he actually gets to win matches
& look good...or a "WWE" Push where he gets more TV time but ends up
looking like a complete prat?

Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
Getting more TV time is considered a push in modern WWE because the roster is so damn bloated...
Yeah...well to me a "Push" means you win matches & look good doing it...
not just show up on 5 hours of TV (RAW/SDL) and possibly end up looking
like an idiot.

And the WWE roster is so bloated it reminds me of a rotting, beached whale
about to explode due to a stomach gas build up.

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