we are watching you act of 2013

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  1. "Two congressman have written bipartisan legislation aimed at preventing telecommunications companies from monitoring the private activities of their customers, Time magazine reports.

    Democrat Rep. Mike Capuano of Massachusetts and Republican Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina co-authored the "We Are Watching You Act," H.R. 2356.

    According to a statement released by Capuano, the legislation is "in response to reports that national telecommunications companies are exploring technology . . . that would record the personal activities of consumers as they watch television from the privacy of their own homes."

    They say they have put together this privacy measure in light of the recent news "about the access that the government has to the phone numbers we call, the emails we send and the websites we visit."

    The technology they are referring to would use infrared cameras and microphones that would come in DVRs and cable boxes. A patent has already been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Verizon and says that the technology would allow them to detect human activities including "ambient action . . . of eating, exercising, laughing, reading, sleeping, talking, humming, cleaning," to name a few.

    The statement says that even though "this DVR technology is in its conceptual stages, it is important that Congress establish clear boundaries before it becomes a reality."

    The bill requires that telecommunication companies acquire consent from the consumer before Verizon or any other company would be allowed to install a DVR with such monitoring capabilities. The companies would be also be required provide information on how the data is collected and who would have access to it.

    "When the recording device is in use, the words WE ARE WATCHING YOU would appear, large enough to be readable from a distance, for as long as the device is recording the viewing data," the statement says.

    "At a minimum, consumers should have the option of saying no."

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  6. Yeah, I can't see someone basically agreeing to put a camera up in their house so that their every move can be detected and monitored in some way. Given the choice, pretty much everyone will say no.
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  7. I wonder how the government would feel if they catch someone watching porn :hmm:

    I don't have a TV luckily so ha! :russo: I would say no, it would seem kinda weird to have a camera in your TV so you can be watched.
  8. They just want to be like God... All seeing and all knowing. They have a power complex. Its quite sad. They are putting cameras and micro phones in everything now. Laptops, computer monitors, TVs, cell phones, cable/satellite boxes, cars, the new gaming systems... I wouldn't be surprised if they start putting them in refrigerators, washers, dryers, and even coffee makers. lmao
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  10. Oh, the lack of capitalization... thought this was a post from that one annoying noob running around the WS.
  11. In the post header? I didn't cap it cause I am on an old computer. Much easier to just copy/paste since the keyboard don't work too well.
  12. The fact that the first part of the report reads, "Two congressman..." rather than "Two congressmen..." really saddens me.
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  13. Given the second part of that the first part's looking mighty good! :win:
  14. Grammarninja
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  15. lol I copied it from a website... BLAME THEM! THE SHAME! lol

  16. :lol1: That's why it saddens me -- just pitiful! I read that then read on to see "TIME magazine reports" and went :facepalm1: .
  17. I bet you were an English teacher in a past life. :haha:
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  18. #UKFTW

    If you don't like it and they implemented them regardless, either don't buy one or take it apart and rip it out. Simple.
  19. woman does your butt hurt from always being so butthurt about casual errors on a forum about wrestling?
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