OOC We Back (Precision Awards)

Ginothony Bamtano

I rate this forum a decent to strong 4
Don't nominate me or whatever, but it's pointless to take it out on Yellow as well. This match should easily be up for match of the year

Since this match deserves a nomination? And I'm going to guess it was because Sanic missed it or I'm in it. Either way I'm not arsed, but it's silly to not nominate it since it's one of the better matches of the year with good set points.
To be honest that's my point. It's not being nominated because of me even when Yellow worked harder since he edited everything. Nominating him in other categories is great, but it's clear he deserves to be nominated here. The match has much more in it than 90% of the other matches this year. Not saying it's better than the others since honestly I didn't even watch them, but regardless his work deserves to be nominated since this was considered a really good match when it was released.
And I'm not trying to argue here or anything. Honestly I probably shouldn't even post here, but the match deserves to be nominated for @SupaHeeroh . It's one of the better matches of the year and he put a decent amount of work into it. Like just blank out my name or not even put it in. His work deserves to be nominated there though

And I'll stop posting. I had to say something about that since I thought it sucked for his work in the match to go un-credited.

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