We could possibly, finally, have some info on the MITB Matches.

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  1. wwe.com has said that Big Show is competing in the "WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder match". So it sounds like they're going to have one for the WWE, and one for the WHC. Obviously they had to rebrand them since the brand split means nothing, plus Ziggler AND Rhodes can win! Oh hell yeah!

    And Big Show said in an interview with wwe.com that "There's not one man, there's no five men that can take me out" Five men... so that means each match will have 6 wrestlers. Awesome.

    Again, just inferring things from wwe.com, but it's believable. Predictions anyone?
  2. they gonna use that big ass ladder again? or they just gonna use the normal ones and hope people forget the small ladder broke last time big show tried to climb it?!?
  3. Big Show won't win but will most likely bury 2 jobberfs like Kidd and Gabriel. Ziggler to win the RAW one. Come on.
  4. If Big Show wins then I'm gonna quit watching WWE.
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  5. :rock:
  6. Nice.. Leggo Zig's.. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:
  7. Ziggler and Rhodes/Barrett better be the winners. Have Bryan vs sheamus and punk vs cena as the other main event matches. Ziggler vs punk would be awesome as would Barrett vs Bryan or Rhodes vs sheamus.
  8. They'll probably ignore that the ladder broke. Plus, I'd love to see Ziggler (WWE) and Cody (WHC) win the matches. It'll be interesting if they can choose which match they're competing in as well, could help in the build up.
  9. Ziggler and either Rhodes or Barrett win.

    Anything else is retarded. (Bryan doesn't need it)
  10. I don't like them having two ladder matches. It makes it stand out more to have just one and adds more unpredictability to the winner since he can go after either title at any moment and you never know which one he might cash in on. That said, whatever. Ziggler will win the WHC, and somebody else will win for the WWE Championship.
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