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    Sorry for the lack of formatting/quality, all this is done on phone. Please still read! :emoji_slight_smile:

    *Jack Rogue's music hits in the early stages of SummerSlam, and the cruise crowd cheer surprisedly*

    OOC: You'll have to imagine the music since the app has no media embedding. C'mon, you know the tune! Doo, doodoodoodoo, doodoodoodoo, DOOdoodoo...

    *Rogue runs onto the stage but lacks some of his usual vigour. When he stops in the centre of the stage to soak in his ovation, the camera reveals a thin-lipped smile on his face, and a melancholy look in his eyes. The image pans down to show that he is wearing the attire presented to him the previous week by Andersen Vega, a near-duplicate of gear famously worn by Vega in TWF. When the camera moves back up, showing his newly tanned skin and dark hair, Jack shrugs, resigned, before running down the ramp as usual - the edited "Vega Nation" logo exposed to the world. Rogue slides under the bottom rope and walks across the ring to take a microphone from the timekeeper, then waits for his music to fade*

    Jack: Ladies and gentlemen of Las Vegas, Nevada! *The cheap pop is joyous, and Jack is visibly heartened* I'm so glad that you guys are continuing to be supportive of me despite the circumstances. This is the first time I've been able to speak to you guys like this since... *Once again, a sorrowful look crosses Rogue's face before he continues* ...[it] happened, and I've missed it so much. Thank you guys, it feels just like... old times...

    *The crowd cheer loudly, glad to be seeing Jack talking in the ring for the first time in several weeks and attempting to cheer up Rogue. It seems to be working, a smile is growing on Jacks face, but as he resumes his expression darkens again*

    Jack: The reason I'm able to speak to you guys tonight is because Andersen Vega had a company photoshoot to attend, and plans to only just be back in time for his match tonight. So I've got a chance to talk about my match with Mike Thunder out here in front of you guys.

    *The mention of Thunder's name causes another cheer from the audience. For a moment a scowl rests on Jack's face, then he shakes his head, smiles, and continues*

    Jack: Mike and I go way back. When I first arrived in TWF he... *Rogue sighs once again* ...along with Andersen Vega, was one of the people who welcomed me and helped me change from the green rookie I was to the beloved veteran I have bec-

    *Once more Jack pauses, and it is evident that he is seriously troubled*

    Jack: ...that I became. I... have to keep fighting through this situation. I will continue to entertain all of you, and do all I can to do you proud. I... I have to. Have to... entertain you. *Jack shakes his head again and seems to regain some composure* And Mike, I'm sorry that this is what happened to me, but it'll be an honour to get back in the ring with you tonight. Of course, you know exactly how I want it to end. Tonight, Mike Thunder, I will kick your head...

    *Glad of a return to normality, the crowd builds loudly to a crescendo, but Jack starts early and seems almost to cut them off*

    Jack: clean, off your shoulders.

    *The usual cheer is slightly muted but still very present as Rogue throws the mic down and rolls under the bottom rope to stand on the ramp. Jack walks backwards towards the stage and when he reaches it looks contemplatively around at the crowd, before exiting through the curtain*

    -End of segment-
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