Hell in a Cell We going to have any surprises?

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  1. Match upsets, shocking appearances, heel turns, ect ect...

    What do you think?
  2. Hopefully a DB/Sami Zayn return and Cena losing. And Rollins walking out with titles. Can't think of anyting else atm.
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  3. I doubt it.. When was the last time WWE surprised anybody?... The only surprise that might happen is Cena's opponent, but that probably won't be a huge shocker anyways.
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  4. Big Show will have a big surprise for us tonight. He will be Cena's mystery opponent and he will conquer him.
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  5. Daniel Bryan return for US challenge and new tag team champs are what Im expecting.

    Those are the only 2 matches that aren't completely predictable anyways
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  6. Hell yeah regarding DB!

    But as far as the tag team match goes, it wouldn't surprise me if they just did a copy-paste of their previous bouts and have Xavier get involved for the DQ and then he'd be put through a table.
  7. I much rather have New Day keep the titles but I just can't seeing them going over like that for a 3rd time. I think the Dudleyz will take home the gold. I feel like New Day has been booked so strong on RAW so they can still look powerful even after they lose the belts. I also think that they are gonna get involved in a bigger storyline outside of the tag title division due to their popularity.

    I can see the Dudleyz feuding with the Wyatts for Survivor Series for the titles. And then The Dudleyz, New Day, and maybe the Wyatts and/or possibly the Usos at TLC.
  8. I'd much rather have the New Day lose the gold at TLC in a TLC match. What better way to have The Dudleyz become the 10x champs other than in an environment they thrive in?

    "I also think that they are gonna get involved in a bigger storyline outside of the tag title division due to their popularity." - inb4Cena
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  9. thats what would make the most sense but since they still have tonight and Survivor Series, I don't think they're going to wait that long to put the titles on them. Its too many New Day vs Dudley Boyz rematches. I personally don't want to see them have a rematch at Survivor Series. I would much rather let the the Dudleyz have a nice couple month reign and see New Day challenge at TLC and beat them for the titles at their own game so they can earn the bragging rights and gold.
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  10. That scenario of yours is also plausible. But this is WWE after all... So, I guess we'll see.
  11. Undertaker coming back at battleground? I don't think anyone knew that.
  12. The only surprise would be DB coming back or ADR.

    Actually, the only other surprise would be taker beating brock. It would be a surprise, and piss me off beyond all reasoning.
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  13. For me, it makes sense that the dudleys would win at TLC. But, considering that they've already had like 3 title shots and still haven't won the belts, them losing someone again makes them look weak.
  14. All the heels turn face because heels are boring, thanks.