Night of Champions We got Sting, but

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Sep 13, 2015.

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  1. What if the Undertaker was in his place against Seth Rollins? Sting isn't going against Seth because he's apart of The Authority, but because he's considered an all time great and takes offence to Rollins' remarks. But wouldn't Undertaker fit better in that scenario, and wouldn't it make more sense?

    Undertaker could've argued that if it wasn't for him then Lesnar would be the champion, and that he could've waited until the match was over before attacking him. Instead, he cast Lesnar from the title picture entirely while Seth remains unscathed. He could've also brought up shades from his Big Evil gimmick and say that if Rollins really wants to be seen as a great then he needs to earn Undertaker's respect by stepping in the ring with him. Undertaker could've made Rollins famous.

    And now we know this is probably his final run, so doesn't he deserve at least one more shot at the gold? I don't know, he just makes a lot more sense than Sting does in that regard.
  2. Not to mention that'd it'd make more sense in the eventual Rollins/Authority split as well. Having Rollins boast about being able to put away Undertaker in a big match feel would just eat away at Triple H's ego, and we all know that's his biggest crutch. Triple H already beat Sting, why would he care if Rollins did? Sure, being the second guy to defeat Sting in the WWE behind Triple H himself is quite a feat, but Triple H shouldn't care as much as he would if Rollins were to be one of the last guys to beat the Undertaker.
  3. I agree with you. I would've preferred the Undertaker/Rollins idea over the current one, but what's done is done.

    Speaking of Undertaker, I wouldn't mind seeing him save Rollins from losing the title once again.
    I mean, any scenario that involves Rollins keeping the titles, no matter how lame it may be, sits well with me.
    Although Rollins winning clean > any other scenario
  4. The Undertaker vs. Seth Rollins would be a great match to see, but not a feud for the WWE title. Just keep it to the new guys.
  5. The only way this wouldn't be much better is if they are NOT giving rollins the screwy finish at NoC. I mean, hell would freeze before seth would go over clean on a undertaker feuding with brock, but he still could do what triple h couldn't, and that is beat sting with no outside help.

    However, if they are going to make seth bitch-win again and he has to face a dinossaur, then may as well be the most prestigious dinossaur, and that is taker.
  6. It would have been kind of hard for Undertaker to show up on-screen and work a program with someone else without Brock Lesnar immediately stepping in and challenging Taker to another match to finally settle the beef between them once and for all, given how pissed off he is about being screwed out of a victory at Summerslam. Beyond that and the fact that Taker is being much more heelish as of late, I agree.
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  7. Taker vs. Rollins in any case right now makes no sense at all. Brock is still pissed. They clearly setup another match for them. And, taker coming back randomly to fight for the belt is stupid.

    Not saying that sting coming after the belt makes much more sense, but it makes more sense than taker at this point. The match between Brock and taker has so many unanswered questions that taker going after Rollins at this point seems stupid.

    Sting vs Rollins does make more sense as of now, as weird as that may sound.
  8. Just spitballin' here (literally, this is just stream-of-consciousness):

    Rollins vs. Sting is going down and Sting looks strong, like he's going to win it. Then the gong sounds and the lights go off. When they come up again, there's Undertaker face-to-face with Sting. He beats Sting down, a la the way he did Lesnar. Rollins walks away again with the WWE-WHC.

    On Raw, HHH reveals (perhaps accidentally) that he's the guy who brought Taker back as "Plan B" to keep the title on Rollins.

    At HIAC, Sting-Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match (could actually be a straightforward singles match). It doesn't matter who wins at this point, maybe even have the match end in a no contest as Brock Lesnar shows up and attacks Taker in the middle of the match.

    At Survivor Series, a triple threat between Taker, Sting, and Lesnar.

    At TLC or Royal Rumble, Taker tells HHH that he wants his shot at the title. He wins the title from Rollins. Lesnar wins the Rumble.

    Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker for the WWE-WHC at Wrestlemania XXX with the loser having to retire from wrestling. It's also perfect if both Undertaker and Sting are inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before.

    Probably a lot of flaws, but it's a thought.

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