We had CM Punk and Cena...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. At RAW, yet Daniel Bryan closed the show. Anyone else feeling the faith WWE has in him? I have so much faith that he's going to be huge in the summer, or after it, or whenever they push him to the top. Because last night was a marky crowd and Orton started the night off as probably the most over guy there, but what happened after Bryan went over? He managed to turn them into die-hard Bryan fans and some were even chanting "You tapped out" to Orton. Fact: Bryan appeals to all demographics and has no issues in the slightest in getting people to cheer him.

    Loved it.
  2. Daniel Bryan is the best performers the WWE has had in recent months! He has just exploded with charisma and really is getting over. Daniel Bryan is the future.
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  3. Honestly at this point is there any reason why they shouldn't have faith in him? He brought some attention back to the tag team division, he can make the fans chat "Yes", he has improved heavily on the mic, he is a boss with his in ring skills, and he has a unique look to him right now. Honestly, they need to put the WWE Championship on him, he's fresh and running hot.
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  4. It's just impossible to not love the guy. I was yes chanting along with him as I watched the show.
  5. Dude is just likable.
  6. I think they closed the show that way because of the way his match ended last week.
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    "Fact: Bryan appeals to all demographics and has no issues in the slightest in getting people to cheer him."

    This. You look at all the things fans look for in a wrestler: Ring skills, check. Whether it's smarkish "pure technical wrestling" or markish highspots, dude can do it all plus be the most dependable guy you can ask for to make both people look good and come out of a match safe. Mic skills, check, whenever Daniel Bryan's on your TV you're guaranteed entertainment. A unique character, check, nobody in WWE is anything like him right now, plus it's realistic. Look? He's got that too, albeit a different one. His ridiculous beard is marketable as hell, and his size plays into his character. Is he over? You damn right! Most over guy in WWE, and it may not even be close.

    In any logical universe a guy like this would be the top star, and fortunately that's a universe WWE seems to at least be visiting for the moment. After years of pushes for idiots like Ezekiel Jackson this can't be any more satisfying.

    The odd thing was Cena getting the 9:30 spot as Bryan got the opener and the ME, Jericho/Del Rio/Ziggler got the 1 hour, Punk and Heyman the second... And we here in the IWC say Vince doesn't care about us...
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  8. I also loved it, marked out hard. The guy has it all and he's getting what he deserves for it now.
  9. You make it hard for CM Punk. Enough with the chants. I love him!
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