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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. For days now we have been working on a new dark theme for you guys, since many of you prefer darker styles and I thought our current one was terribly outdated. If you wish to see the new theme, scroll down to the bottom left of the site and click "Fusion Dark" -- or the name of whatever theme you are using -- and change it to "Core Dark" (I might rename it soon to "Watch Wrestling").

    Please keep your feedback constructive and to this thread alone. The former theme is still there (fusion dark) so if you don't want to change then go ahead and use that one. The new theme though is our default theme now and will be the only theme updated in the future.

    The theme is still in early development so there are definitely a few bugs here and there. If you wish to point them out then do so here and I'll get on fixing it. The post_bit (this bit) is going to be redesigned very soon. We'll make that look MUCH nicer.

    Hope you like it.

  2. Sweeeet.
  3. :sandow: My face while looking at the new theme.
  4. I love the new theme!
  5. It`s pretty awesome tbh
  6. The one problem I have is the size of the poster information. The avatars are way too small.
  7. Postbit is being redesigned (mentioned it in the OP). Avatars will be much bigger again.
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  9. Looks nice, I was just use to the old one :O

    Do the guys at the top still change when you refresh? that was cool.
  10. :blackshock:

    Sorry about that.
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  11. They don't any more, no. We may introduce something like that again with the logo, but it'd probably be for special occasions.
  12. It looks sweet.
  13. You are doing the job of going corporate WWEF really, really well. I like every change that has been done as of late.
  14. This looks really nice! :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Pretty nice theme, although the font of the forum just doesn't look that great to me. I'd say something a tiny bit larger/similar to the old font and it's perfect.

    (Oh, and in the About Us section at the bottom, there's a very minor typo - it's formerly, but you guys wrote "formely")
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  16. Good to know, and :yay: for the old theme still being available. Glad so many are happy with this one, but I'm not a big fan of it and it takes me a while to adjust to such big changes all at one time, so I'll use the old one for now then gradually try to use the new one more and more till I get adjusted. Thanks for giving us options! :win:
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  17. the theme is totally dank
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  18. Well done Crayo, small gripes aside you've gotta admire the hell out of the effort. Lots of stuff to like, and if not it's the community that makes this site so not even Xanth can screw it up. :pipebomb:
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  19. Good eye for that typo. Xanth was on the phone or something when I wrote that, and I wanted to get it done really quick to impress him as neither of us had any idea what to put there. Will fix that when my game is over.

    The front of the site is my favourite thing, what font are you talking about @CFCrusader? A screenshot would be great :emoji_slight_smile:
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