Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jonathan, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Insane. Literally no voice and my ears are just buzzing. Never had an atmosphere like it.


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  2. There is no better atmosphere than winning a derby, especially when you're the underdog. Borini hit a sweet strike too.
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  3. Got a video, gonna put it up in a bit.

    Honestly, when I saw the team and saw: Cuellar, Bardsley, Larsson, Dossena. I thought it was gonna be another 5-1. I was shitting it yesterday, 100x more when I saw that team. Newcastle were piss-poor the 1st half and really came out in the 2nd at least trying to get something. Was a lucky goal for them, went right across the box infront of all the defends and Johnson just wasn't awake to clear it before it got to Debuchey. The 4 of us who sit with me, literally hugging and jumping at the same time when that goal went in by Borini, absolute world class shot.

    For Pardew to say on radio that they were unlucky, they were the better side and they deserved to win I was like :shock::dafuq: - he really wasn't watching the same game as me.
  4. With this goal, Borini may leave to a bigger club during the transfer window.
  5. For 1 goal? Lmao. He's only on loan to us from Liverpool anyway. And Rodgers said he wouldn't be sold... although he said the same thing about Shelvey :lol1: - especially considering what great form Sturridge and Suarez are in.
  6. True, but some big clubs have bought players who have only had one good season. Madrid has done that a lot of times, for example with Canales. United signed Chicharito because of what he did with Mexico at FIFA's World Cup 2010 (I believe, not sure about that). Can see him on a bigger club by 2014.
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    Meh im more a leyton orient kinda guy.
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  8. Soccer, cool.
  9. Who the fuck is Sunderland? Jono's stuffed teddy bear?
  10. United were scouting Chicharito for years.
  11. Also I'm sorry Jonathan but I think we've ruined Sunderland's push for the title by snapping Connor Whickam up again.
  12. We signed Javier in April 2010, just before the World Cup. We'd scouted him for about a year before then. Sir Alex said something before about wanting to sign him earlier but because of his age and how he'd maybe not adapt to the Premier League we waited and watched him some more first.

    Glad we did eventually sign him, our little pea.
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