We need more wrestling-related awards.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Zamorakian, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. We actually do need that don't we? Come up with something guys, in this thread or in a new one.

    I'm going to come up with something and then edit this post with it.

    (Wrestling-oriented/related, whatevs.)

    Best in the World award - Most active poster in the wrestling sections.
    Fan of the Week award - Top poster in the live discussion threads.
    Otunga(something) - A clever user who always thinks outside-the-box, no one you could beat when it comes to wrestling debates.
    Creative - This is achieved by predicting all the matches correctly at a official PPV predictions thread.
  2. Hulk Hogan award - You're a good guy always looking to help others.

    Would differ from the friendly award as this is more about helping then being friendly.
  3. Not sure if serious.

    Might make an AJ Styles award for being a phenomenal user, you earn that like you do with Contributor, by being good all round.

    Might add a best in the world award for being the most active wrestling poster.

    Keep suggesting.
  4. I already said Hall of Fame with a ring award.
  5. I was actually serious Hogans real American gimmick is the embodiment of being good and helping people.

    Also possibly an indie star award when you reach x amount of posts in the TNA / Other wrestling section to encourage more activicty there.
  6. Not a bad idea, we have a perfect ring award icon too. Requirements?

    Can't without a post-activity plugin. It's something I'm desperate for though so if we do get one I'll definitely implement that award.
  7. I like and support both Crayo's and Seabs's ideas. For that matter, make the Steiner award (the obvious question is this: define Steiner). Guess who gets it first, that is who has most perchents. :steiner:
  8. HOF ring should be the level above enthusiast imo. Make it seriously difficult to get.
  9. Might rename comedy award to Steiner award, or I could just make a new one and have it for those who make awesome quote posts (Anonymous would own at that, his metaphor's are insane). Dunno, I want to add the award, not sure on what reason though. You'd have it! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Yeah it would be definitely. Could have it like X amount of posts (only I and Xanth would know to stop people spamming to try and reach X amount then stopping) and then require at least 10 users recommending you. Only then would me or Xanth actually look and see if you're approved.

    Will add this today probably.

    Keep em' coming!
  10. Fed X Bookers should have some kind of Teddy Long award, Ace award or similar.
  11. You could come up with them.
  12. Awkward moment when you think :tagteammatch: will get his own award.

    Awesome. :ace:
  13. :levi:

    Dunno, then who's the greatest/best GM of all time? Bischoff? Sting? Steph? :kiss:
  14. Johnny Ace does his own award not sure what for but he needs it.
  15. I think we should have an award called 'Creative/Writer' this should be granted to those who come up with several creative ideas and post many different high quality scenarios or high quality posts. This will help boost the quality of the forum and create further discussion.
  16. :ace:


    Liking the creativity award for wrestling predictions/ideas. Will add when I find a decent icon.
  17. I rather prefer high definition posts. HQ is for losers.:boss:
  18. Something related to David Otunga award. :gusta:
  19. The requirements could be along the lines of, pretending two outcomes for a paperview correctly, posting scenarios of what could happen at a paperview/show and post high quality creativeness until you deem worthy of the award.
  20. Would need 100% predictions correct since quite a few of us regularly score quite high in predictions but one or two are wrong. If you get every prediction correct you get the award. It'd encourage more users to take part in Dolph's prediction threads.
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