Clash of Champions We need new tag Champs already...

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    I know it is cliche of me to say this because I have been one of those people FOR having long standing champs but...
    New Day's gotsta go. They have been stale for a few months now and I never saw what people seen in this group. Why would you ruin someone like Big E who would be a monster brute for this crap!?

    Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson would be refreshing at this point. So I am hoping that the New Day drops the belts at CoC. *fingers crossed* Who is with me on this?
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  2. Everyone's with ya on this one. G&A FTW at CoC.
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  3. Yeah we need Gallows and Anderson as the tag team champions. The New Day need a new direction before people begin to sour on them completely. Whether that means breaking them up or turning them back heel...something.
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  4. Not quite everyone. :tough:

    Long post coming soon!
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  5. OIC. You're a rebel, I forget. :brock4:
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  6. New Day had a great run, but they need to drop the belts. Gallows and Andersen are the best options so GIVE THEM THE BELTS!!!
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  7. Oh, and Enzo & Cass to eventually dethrone Gallows & Anderson. And then... Enter these two:
    Show Spoiler

    The Revival to wreck Enzo & Cass and then go on to break Demolition's record! SAY YEAH!
  8. Give it to Gargano & Ciampa. Have some main roster build before one turns heel.
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  9. Ciampa's turning on Gargano anyways, I feel. They don't need to give them the tag titles in order for Gargano/Ciampa feud to work.

    I think it's going to be our first Cruiserweight Division feud and I'm looking forward to it.
  10. Imagine wanting G&A as tag champs after their shit IWGP tag title runs which almost killed the new japan tag division
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  11. The New Day has long overstayed their time at the top. I can't say I am rooting for Anderson and Gallows to hold the title for very long if they get them, though. I find their little promos funny but I've never been too impressed with their matches actually.
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  12. Yeah I feel the same. DOWN WITH NEW DAY! :angry:

    *but for the love of GOD, don't let them guys hold the belts too long*
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    The New Day have overstayed their welcome at the top of the mountain, so excuse me for wanting something new.

    EDIT: I wish Certified Gs would be in title contention, but they never seem to win the big one. Not like they need a title to get themselves over, but still. G&A are most likely next tag champs, followed by Enzo & Cass.
  14. I totally agree. The New Day promos that were once 'refreshing' now feel like more of the same, just a dragged out reign. Maybe it's overexposure, it doesn't matter though because they need to drop the belt. I think if they want to stay relevant they do a split like asap before they lose steam and then have a feud between the three of them.
  15. Meh, I thought I'd have a more informative post than this. :emoji_slight_frown:

    I honestly don't mind the New Day promos all that much, even though they do strike the personal note of having such great NXT 2014 level booking devolve into typical Raw BS, but they're still well capable of adding some entertainment to the segment. (Thought they had some nice moments in the Old Day segment, if that wasn't already COMPLETELY dead in the water by the time they came out they would have been much more enjoyable.) They're still entertaining and I really like all three guys, so yeah.

    I'm just not sure if there's a better short-term option. You could say Jeri-KO with Owens as a dual champ? That could lead to cool stuff, but...
    Gallows and Anderson just strikes me as Kalisto winning the US Title from ADR (or so many other midcard title changes) You could get excited to see something new but that just leads you to be disappointed when their reign isn't any better.
    But the real money here seems to be in the Enzo and Cass chase. They're the most over team by a mile, they have the story of us waiting forever to see them beat the long line of weak ass NXT tag champs, never break through, now they're fighting for the RAW belts and any chase for them should be fun. But who against?
    A "motivated" New Day should have some really good segments with 'Zo and Cass. (Then again so should Jeri-KO, but the best they did was mock an interviewer.) The longest reigning tag champs finally getting dethroned by Enzo and Cass could be one of the special moments the Raw brand is looking for, and I... don't see much of a reason to have Gallows and Anderson transitioning in the middle tbh especially after this dog shit feud with the 'Day. Maybe I'm just a "hater"

    BUT WHAT IF CIAMPA AND GARGANO JUST WRECK SHIT AND WIN... well yeah that's better. Do that.
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  16. Tbh I've disliked new day for a long... long.... very long time.

    Where to begin?

    The pink wearing, unicorn loving, rainbow pony dancing weirdos who have the gayest segments of all time. Sure I've had one...maybe two slight chuckles when I've been too lazy to skip through their segments, but everything about them weirds me out and annoys me. Like a fucking trombone? I thought that bullshit was over when (bubba?) Broke the cocksucker in half. Only to be graced with francesca 2 the very next night. For fuck sakes man.

    To top it all off I had to physically endure their whole skit of unveiling that asshole (booty-o's....ass holes) cereal box. With no possible option if skipping it. I mean sure I could have left my seat, but I'd still hear them. It wasn't a big arena at all. And unfortunately for me, if they're still together at survivor series I'll have to endure it yet again.

    Now, the rest of the wwe I'm pleased with. I can't think of anything that annoys me more than them... not even the golden truth. I think individually the members of the new day are alright. Fuck even a group overhaul would be awesome. Make them into a legitimate team of force. Not some bullshit kiddie act (which still doesn't work for most kids I'm sure. 8 yr old nephew hates them too... Calls them the new gay)

    Anyway there's my thoughts on the new gay. Lose the rainbows and unicorn dildos on the foreheads. And get a real wrestling gimmick.

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  17. If New Day goes over then WWE will officially ruin any potential that they could of had with "The Club"
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    I'm afraid we're already passed that...

    On a side note, something of significance that I have not seen being mentioned elsewhere: as of today, The New Day are champions for 399 days, thus meaning if they retain later tonight, they walk into Raw as champs breaking the 400 day mark.
  19. New Day Sucks! New Day Sucks! New Day Sucks! Put the title on Enzo and Cass or Gallows and Anderson Then why your at it lets get the hardy's back in WWE as a tag team
  20. I said it before I'm so tired of BIG NASTY E having sex in the ring because that's basically what he is doing.....I thought this was a family show.....WTF MAN LOL
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