Games We need some Black Ops 3 homies

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jan 26, 2016.

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  1. @Xanth and I need your help. Ryan @DontEvenKnowHisShittyName and @Jonathan (wtf is his name now) have bailed on Xanth and I. Any of you guys play? Black Ops 2 was so funny with WWEF members Danny, Jabri, Britanica, Ambrose, Adam (hehe) and everyone getting involved. Now we are alone on a very, very good game.

    Anyone got an Xbone and want to play sometimes? My gamertag is Mr PuscSlayer
  2. Forgot to name you, sorry.

    Still living up to your high quality posting reputation I see, faggot.
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  3. Someone has to after you left. :pipebomb:

    Unfortunately, the majority of users here now owns a PS4. I have Black Ops 3 but I played it like for an hour and never again.
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  4. Because you're shit.

    Wish I had a damn PS4.
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  5. Yeah, you're right. Wtf. I should probably quit the job hunt so I can play with the lads Cynthio and Xanth. Goddamn faggot.
  6. I'd mark if you did this. We could become really close friends again.
  7. Uhhhhh. I barely play as it is doe...
    Uhhhh. Yeah I'll add you I guess, when do you play?
  8. Do you have a bone? And not every night but it's normally like 11pm UK time so no idea wtf that is for you.
  9. Yeah, you told me to buy Advanced Warfare and played with me like 3 times. Lmaooo.
    That's like 5 or 6pm I think.
  10. AW was awful. I couldn't get anyone to play that with me :emoji_slight_frown:. Even Xanth skipped a CoD.
  11. I swear you and Jono loved it or something. At least that's what I remember. Well Jono did sell his Xbone so idk
  12. Be cool for once and get a PS4, Division will be amazing.
  13. PS4 and cool in the same sentence? :dealwithit:
    Ain't nobody got time for gaming.
  14. Can't say I bought more than 3 games last year tbh.
    Only wanna play Division and Mafia this year, I think.
  15. Terrible game made for plebs lol
  16. get the game you pleb
  17. Rainbow Six is >>>>

    Zombies is always fun though
  18. The whole COD franchise sold out to fast earning. If it wasn't so crappy on the PC I may have gotten it when it went on sale but alas, another game who caters to the console gamers.
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