We need this comparison video: "WWE Kid Fans vs. Adult/Longtime Fans"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. This idea hit all of the sudden and maybe some comedy group on Youtube can do it:
    The video is called Adult/Hardcore WWE Fans vs. Kid Fans to big moments in history, we get 2 guys, one will dress in full Cena merch and act as the kid fan while the other one probably will just wear a SCSA shirt or CM Punk shirt being the adult fan.

    They sit side by side and will imitate the reactions to endings or matches that made ppl go nuts:
    MITB 2011 Cena vs. Punk
    The kid will be in shock when Punk wins while the adult fan is going freaking off the wall.
    Smackdown 2011 Randy Orton vs. Christian WHC
    The kid is jumping for joy when Orton wins while the adult is on the floor crying his eyes out
    Summerslam 2010 Team WWE vs. Nexus
    This one is a little more ellaborate, when Bryan is introduced the adult will be shocked leaving him at a cross roads to root for Nexus or WWE since Team WWE has got Bryan now, while the kid is like, "wait, is that the guy who left the Nexus after they showed up?" Then when Bryan is eliminated the adult fan is upset then goes back to Nexus' side, the kid looks at him like "You were just rooting for Cena's team why did you switch?"

    ^^^I would love to see this done by a group of Youtube comedians, they would make it so enjoyable to watch lol
  2. Adults don't wear CM Punk shirts. Guys seriously gotta get off his dick. He meant nothing in WWE, and he means even less now.
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  3. Keep telling yourself that, Vince.
  4. = is an adult fan who would buy Cena sandals before a CM Punk shirt.:henry2:
  5. Kids fans are the main reason for the PG era as they make tons of money for WWE. And the casual fan goes there as well, which is a cross between adults and kids. More hardcore, dedicated fans are usually the ones doing the cena sucks chants, yet are also buying his gear because their child loves him.
  6. Adult fans are the ones stuck in the past. They're the ones that honestly think, a company who erased their biggest star ever because he said something racist 6 years ago, is gonna allow another edgy era to take place.

    The closest thing WWE gets to being edgy is hinting some slight lesbo action.
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  7. No. The only thing that video would do is prove how petty and childish some fans are since they would have to mock kids for being kids.
  8. WOW REALLY?! Thats the freakin idea of this video lmao. I post an idea on my head and here is harsh criticism on fan bases...
  9. It would only show how much more invested the kids are than we are. They actually cheer for the heroes most of the time and feel inspired by the good examples.
  10. The fact is adult fans are stuck in past and moaning about even good things, not all but most can do that like ignoring the great things in WWE today like New Day, Cena Open Challenge etc. Kid fans on the other hand they are the ones who make me even more mad, let me give you two reasons, one Christian losing the title and everyone celebrating it so much and two, this is the worst, when Evolution returned they reacted, no they didn't react at all. I mean Evolution returns and no reaction. Are you serious?
  11. :rock2:
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  12. I think everyone here admires new day and cenas open challenge.
  13. Didn't mention or mean anyone from here.
  14. Oh well you said adult fans being stuck in the past. I, being an adult, thought you were referencing them in general. I am "stuck in the past" with certain things, but that's because WWE did some things so well back then and they seem to do so many bad things now.
  15. Don't take it personal, none of you guys. I did a general statement and it is kind of fact. Same goes for the die hard indy fans.
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