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  1. We open Raw with HHH/Heyman:
    First thing's first, HHH needs to learn to step down. He is now the C.O.O. of the company and he and his wife are being molded to take over for Vince, does The Game still have "it", you bet your ass he does but that's not where he is anymore. We all know that this dumb as all hell storyline is leading to HHH vs Brock Lesnar. That's exactly what this storyline is, DUMB, Lesnar has replaced the Rock(here one day gone the next 3 months or so) and the whole "legitimacy" angle is very stupid. And then he loses and quits and just like everything else he's done and we take all the build up and hype and flush, gone. So then we bring in Paul Heyman to cut promos each week and wait let's throw in yet another dumb lawsuit storyline...and let me guess one of their lawyers is going to be David Otunga! :otunga:
    Next we have divas and tag teams:
    DB/CR vs CM/SM:
    this is simply build up for a CR vs Santino fued, cause why have to title holders defend titles when you can just have them face each other. And also to build Punk v Bryan? If that's what you can call Bryan running and Punk staring for the whole match.
    Then we have Layla v Phoenix:
    this could be the best thing to happen to the divas in awhile because we actually have two divas who can wrestle...but wait Layla has been gone so long she has almost no fan base and there is absolutely no buzz or build around anything any of the divas do because, and this is sad to say, no one cares anymore.
    The Big Show Incident:
    we cut a Kane v Big Show match short with a "chokeslam?" (is that what that was, it looked like he just pushed him down by the throat) but anyways we then go into the most awkward and down right sad moment in awhile where we drag out and over do Big Show crying and begging on his knees and then ultimately getting fired, but what happens after he's fired and Clown Shoes leaves, why go to commercial when we could show Big Show crying some more. Then after all the depression and sadness and awkwardness in the air we bring out the Funkasaurus...oh yeah, no. This was awful timing and I mean just awful.
    Brodus/Boom Truth v Swag/Zig/Miz:
    Brodus squashes competiton...Vickie screams a bunch of times...good guys win because of Brodus. Hooray Predictability.
    Swagger and Ziggler are two top guys who could be so much more but instead we're going to keep them in a storyline with Vickie Guerrero that's going absolutely nowhere and could they be a good team, yes, but the WWE has very little to no tag division at all so what's the point.
    Finally Cena v Laryngitis:
    crappy build...Cena acting the age of the majority of his fan base...and then ultimately we bring out the diva, who we had nothing better to do with so we made her a secretary, with a note from the board that says whoever interferes in the one on one match will be fired and if Johnny Ace loses he will be fired...but wait a minute you can't fire someone who was already fired or someone who quit. :pity: (wink wink)
    So for those of you who love Raw stay tuned for SmackDown where maybe we will get some build up to Punk v Bryan but most likely we will just get awkwardness between Teddy Long/Aksana/ and the guy with the wierd thigh tape...then some crazy ex gf stuff with AJ/Kaitlyn/Punk/and Bryan...it's a good ole' fashioned love square. Then we can all look forward to Over The Limit(of time for a storyline to run it's course)
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  2. Wouldn't mind to see AJ as Punk's manager at OTL.
  3. I haven't read the SD spoilers (never do), but I heard there was some Punk/Bryan build up indeed. The storyline with AJ/Kaitlyn could go somewhere... maybe. :burns:
  4. Nice post. Liked it. It's painfully obvious Brock or Big Show is interfering at OTL. SD has to save the Bryan/Punk feud. Big Show being in any sort of segment is painful.
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