News "We will take action" McMahons and Brock Lesnar MITB story angle


Hmm, someone needs to overcome him? I think I know a Bro who can do so. Sharing his legit MMA background, he unique look and gimmick makes you high while listening to his music.

Hmm, I doubt that match is gonna happen in the next few years tho... Unless Matt Riddle gets an an early call up, and those tend to fail most of the time.

Not against the idea tho...


Chillin' with the snowmies.
Gosh this angle has me fired up and I don't even know why. Hooooolllllllly shit this is so terrible. So they're forcing Brock to cash in because they're mad that Brock has been teasing the audience twice and hasn't delivered, and not only do they expect us to believe them this time, but they expect Hey man and Lesnar to bow to WWE Corporate and... No. I don't believe a word you're saying.

You're not pulling in one lapsed fan with this. Sad thing is I kinda wanna see Brock win the fruit roll up again to get IDGAF Brock vs Baron fucking Corbin. Let's let every Saudi show be Crown Jewel.

Like you teased that this lame shit would be the use for the MITB. Like we all expected it to be at the Saudi show, now at a time that you have competition that isn't wasting our time every week, you tease an even more lame Raw cashin before Saudi than the original cashin. Gosh.

It's so easy. Just have him show up front time to time and troll Seth and remind us how any title defense could end with BROCK LESNAR and everything builds itself that much more.

But they can't really do that because the main event scene on Raw is booty juice

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