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  1. I am currently in the process of making a health & wellness site and Blog!!

    any input would be great for things like topics and stuff like that I am a web designer so building it ant the problem it's the content and it's quality and i'm not that creative I don't even know much about blogs yet so that's fun too!!!
  2. So you're interested in starting a health and wellness blog, yet you know nothing about health and wellness? I'd ask why, but I highly expect the answer to be "to make money."
    I've said this before and i'll reiterate: too many people want to cross the magic rainbow, if you think copying them will get you closer to the pot of gold, you're extremely mistaken (especially since you know nothing about the subject you've chosen).

    If you want to start a blog, start one because you have a passion to share information you already possess. Filling your blog with random bits of information from the internet just reeks of spam, and nobody will read it.
    And posting about something as serious as health when you're clearly not a professional in that field, could lead to people getting misinformation and acting upon your bad advice.

    Also, I love how you call yourself a web designer, and then say you're not creative. I'm an F1 driver but I'm not very good at driving.
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  3. Pika for president!
  4. Pika is right, you can not make a website for personal financial benefit and hope to succeed. That is presuming that is your intention, you've yet to say that. But you have said you don't have much knowledge on the subject which is a bad bad thing.
  5. Basically what has already been said by Pika and Crayo.
  6. well that's no help i never said i didn't know anything about health just said im not all that creative thanks for advice but i am in school to be a professional and professionals design anything!!!!
  7. I said I waen't good at making a blog yet that's what im lacking
  8. You should learn about the software, subject and get familiar as to how the net works. It's not a simple case as to creating a blog for example and expecting to generate traffic, it's not as easy as it looks. I understand that you may be motivated as you seen a site and wish to be like them however it's hard work and dedication. If you lack knowledge, then it's hard to accomplish what you wish to aim.
  9. If you are in school to be a webdesigner you must have learnt that one of the first things you do is ask a client what content he wants in it. If this is for a class project then your teacher should have given you that. If you are doing it for yourself then I say choose a subject were you are more at home and work with that instead.
  10. Ok yeah i understand it jyst sucks cuz im doing this site for free cuz i need sites in my portfolio and the person who is having me make site just keeps feeding me products ro promote and im trying to make it professional looking and its kind tuff
  11. Use Wordpress, google how to set it up. It's easy.
  12. Im using wordpress and its working fine. I just need to work on the content. I got a bunch of stuff to promote just no good content its a boring site without it
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