Weekly Appearance To Help RAW Ratings

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  1. “Vince does not want to come back as a character, but if it’s going to make a difference in the ratings, then Vince will be a character. He’s not going to be that stubborn and cost himself business. If it comes to the point where Vince doesn’t mean anything, then he’ll take himself off the shows. There was a time where he loved being the character, but he doesn’t anymore, and the evidence of that is that two years ago, they had a thing built for WrestleMania with Vince vs. Triple H, and Vince just didn’t do it. He nixed it, he did not want to come back because he thought he was too old.”
    While McMahon is willing to be a character as long as it helps WWE’s television ratings, it’s unclear if he’ll continue to be a character after the return of Triple H, which most believe is coming on next week’s RAW, as he’ll likely be the challenger for Roman Reign’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view next month.

  2. [​IMG]

    I can't stop usin this shit^^
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  3. Yeah, Vince rules! I mean, look at this gem::Mugshot:
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  4. Next week will get even better ratings since he's going to referee a title match.
  5. Being announced a week in advance doesn't hurt. I mean, we're talking about it on Friday instead of everyone rushing to Twitter to yell OMG VINCE and hoping that helps the ratings
  6. That's what you get for constantly stop/start booking people I guess
  7. I will respond to this in proper fashion later, right now I'm using my phone.
  8. u better have a killer meme!
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  9. Let me guess... You're gonna make another Vince mugshot meme as your response? :smirk2:
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  10. Vince does this every couple of years it seems.
  11. You're like a god now. I have to start a religion based around your memes and call it Shaddixism.
  12. He's in great shape, but that's relative to his age, right? I don't know that he should really have any role at this point.
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