Weekly WEEKLY Saturday Night Precision - Week 17 - Results

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  1. [​IMG]
    Match Card:

    Match One
    Team VS Team
    Singles Match: Will Neilson @TheKingSonic VS Tony Stark @The Anarchist
    Winner: Will Neilson

    Match Two
    Team VS Team
    Singles Match: The Scat @AfricanScatMahn VS Chris Young @impactking
    No Contest

    Match Three
    Singles Match: Tyson Blade @Electro VS Chris Parks @ChrisPBacon69
    No Contest

    Match Four
    Singles Match: Jack Rogue @Geek773 VS Mike Thunder @Mike Thunder
    No Contest

    Match Five
    Singles Match: Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 VS Noah Styles @Awesomenrh
    No Contest

    Match Six
    Singles Match: Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur VS Jordan Bull @Sam?!
    Winner: Jordan Bull (Via DQ)

    Main Event
    Singles Match: The Blade @Gambino VS Joseph Diamond @CiV
  2. Terrible week. Hope for way better next week.

    Strike goes out to @ChrisPBacon69 for not replying to the inbox even though he was online at one point. He will not be on the match card next week.

    I'm also using a new template with match cards to show the match order from match one to main event.
  3. Also the site did glitch the card at first so just refresh and it'll be fine
  4. 4 no contests? [​IMG]

    Also I destroyed Kermit The frog for team blue!
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  5. interesting results
  6. only good thing to come out of this is the fact team Blue are winning


    get rekt
  7. Wtf happened??? Where is everybody :eek: @TheFrostyBlur were people just not coming on for matches?
    I did have to drop out but my ps4 died on me last minute, cant imagine everyone having major problems though :confused2:
  8. Wow, what a shit week.

    I won though, not bad.
  9. not on at the same times and very bad communication
  10. Actually, the one good thing coming out of this week is that I am still UNDEFEATED*, team blue winning is yet another travesty
  11. :idk:
  12. I beat @CiV! Whatchu on aboot draw m8?
  13. got two results from you both and you did agree with CiV so yea
  14. Gino, we've been over this, like, a bunch, you hitting the last move of a match doesn't mean you winning the match
  15. Das a load of crocka pot.
  16. The ps4s messed up on both ends in my match.
    Shot LAN port and auto ejecting discs,
    The PS4 is fragile AF.