Weekly WEEKLY Saturday Night Precision - Week 18 - Match Card

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by Closed, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. didn't have much to work with this week so I did what I could. The next few weeks will be a little boring since 2K17 is coming out soon and people are just sick of 2K16 at this point. I do have a good plan for the last PPV so don't go and retire yet since it's big
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  2. RIP me
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  3. it's big
  4. Take him to rougetopia.
  5. 500% happening. Oh my god, can you imagine if i beat him by some fluke? I can see the "shock result of the year" already... *shakes head violently* um... I mean OBVIOUSLY I'm just as good as Frosty. Better, in fact. Gonna beat his ass, actually. Fun times.
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  6. :emoji_wink:
  7. Way Shittier Iron Man v. Big Willie Style v. Lilith Young
    Winner: Big Willie Baby
    Reason: Big Willie from Philly keeps me from gettin' chilly.

    Joe Dirt v. Michael Lightning
    Winner: Acid Rapper
    Reason: Who's gonna win the match? It's that nigga Joeno

    Robbie "One letter away from being a Blade" Blake v. Bloody Wank Pot
    Winner: Blakey-kun
    Reason: Gay Guy-liner is #3edgy5me

    Better Blade v. Lesser Blade
    Winner: Stiletto
    Reason: This match already happened with no build. Very disappointed.
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    Pre-show match has been changed due to recent events.

    Special Ref: The Reagmaster

    @TheFrostyBlur vs @MintMidget69 and if Midget wins, he gets Ben Song's love!
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