Weekly WEEKLY Saturday Night Precision - Week 19 - Results

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  1. [​IMG]
    Match Card:

    Match One
    Special Guest Referee Match: Tony Stark @The Anarchist VS Chris Parks @ChrisPBacon69 w/ Will Neilson @TheKingSonic as Special Guest Referee
    Double DQ

    Match Two
    Singles Match: Jack Rogue @Geek773 VS Noah Styles @Awesomenrh
    Winner: Jack Rogue

    Match Three
    Team VS Team
    Singles Match: Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh VS Mike Thunder @Mike Thunder
    Winner: Buster Gates

    Match Four
    Team VS Team
    Singles Match: Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 VS Joseph Diamond @CiV
    Winner: Joseph Diamond

    Match Five
    15 Minute Iron Man Match: The Blade @Gambino VS The Scat @AfricanScatMahn
    No Contest

    Main Event
    Singles Match: Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur VS Jordan Bull @Sam?!
    Winner: Robert Blake

  2. Rip my ref career
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  3. Mirror Pre-show match:

    @The ReagMaster vs @The ReagMaster

    Winner: both of us because we knocked out the referee and pinned him instead. He is apart of the match.
  4. First Bustemoji for ages still not on the site
  5. THE STREAK CONTINUES. IC Title isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. :booker2::zayn::woo1::smirk2::pity2:
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  7. Yes, because you beating me has been such a common occurrence....:george:
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  8. You know it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. Getting tired of these no-contests
  10. I thought both you and Gambino couldn't do the match?
  11. Then do the fucking match, genius.
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  12. Bitch, if you ever have the balls to face me in a league match again, I will end you. I hope you lose at Hell In A Cell so that I can beat the crap out of you in that Chamber Match. And I want a 1 vs 1 rematch with you the week after Hell In A Cell to beat you as well... I will kill you a lot of times next month boy!
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  13. As tempting as that sounds, and boy, does it. I'm gonna have to pass on the 1 on 1 rematch. I've got nothing to prove to you.

  14. Well, after those 2 loses now and the fact that overall, I'm beating you 3-1 and we're drawing 1-1 in League matches... I think you need to prove that you didn't get lucky. Because you did.
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  15. Keep on dreaming, bucko.
  16. Luckily for me... That match next month is happening whether you like it or not, bitch. I rule this shit and what I say goes, boi! Fight me you bong whiffer!
  17. Well since I beat you where it matters (in the league match), you really do have no grounds to getting another match against me. Earn it, and then we'll talk. Good talk kiddo.
  18. I'll kill some fool a the PPV and then I'll kill you.
  19. Can I throw my hat into the beating CiV party? I want to face him before the end of the league.
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