Weekly WEEKLY Saturday Night Precision - Week 21 - Match Card

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    Match Card:

    Match One
    Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
    Singles Match: Jack Rogue @Geek773 VS Noah Styles @Awesomenrh

    Match Two
    Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
    Singles Match: The Blade @Gino Bambino VS Tony Stark @The Anarchist

    Match Three
    Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
    Street Fight: Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur VS Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97

    Match Four
    Singles Match: Will Neilson @TheKingSonic VS Mike Thunder @Mike Thunder

    Main Event
    Singles Match: Joseph Diamond @CiV VS Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh

  2. oooooooooooooooooh.
  3. How will entry order be decided for the Elimination Chamber?
  4. it's random in the game
  5. Doesn't the person who's in the #6 slot come out last, or is that not a thing anymore?
  6. don't think so. I just played one EC this year and it seemed to be random
  7. No online if you get the 6th slot you enter 6, it like goes middle is one and two then the sides will be 3 or 4 usually left side first then the 2 ends are 5 and 6 once again left being 5
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  8. It's been a long time coming...
  9. Preshow Famous Youtuber Extreme Elimination Chamber match

    The Reagmaster vs Pewdiepie vs Jacksepticeye vs Markiplier vs Ian of smosh vs Anthony of Smosh
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