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  2. Well, 2 undefeated bosses of the game will collide at whatever the hell the PPV is called and only one will leave as World Champ... Yellow has had shots but has never won the World Title in TWF and I never even got the shot so I guess it's down to who wants it more.
  3. Night Of Champions
  4. *Never had a shot in the PS4 league. Never won a major or minor title ever in either leagues. Bout time maybe...
  5. I am conflicted, like I want you both to win. Can you, like, make a faction, do a New Day and share the strap pls tnx
  6. Well, Alice would be down since he's a nice person who just wants to be friends with everyone... Buster on the other hand is a stuck up, egotistical, money loving bag of douche in which the only friend he has is actually on his mother's payroll. But, Alice will try to make friends with that big bundle of jackassery Buster Gates, whether it'll succeed or not is another question.
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  7. You had the Hardcore title in the 2k14 as Hammett...

    Edit: I know my Yellow league history! I pay attention!
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  8. great back and forth smack talk right there.
  9. Yup, The Scat ain't ever even come close to this kind of creative talk smackary.
  10. Does the HC title even count? haha
  11. #heel
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  12. IT COUNTS TO ME DAMMIT! Besides, it's the only title that you're ever gonna get with me around so I'd cling on to that little victory if I was you... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Edit: I said that Alice was nice... Never said I was!
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  13. Damn @Geek773 I must be your favourite comedian RN with all these Funny ratings that you're giving me!
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  14. either way our first World champion is going to be Gay
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  15. I don't know what you're talking about.
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  16. just too on point
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  17. Ohhhh Alice Xander vs Buster Gates, only one will walk out as champion. It's a shame a certain former WHC will have his own say on what will happen to the winner. :emoji_wink:
  18. Not if its me you wont :emoji_wink:
  19. Oh I have my ways, I mean a certain someone never got his rematch clause it's only fair :emoji_wink:
  20. Will Electro make this league boring like he did the TWF one? Will Buster The Big Bad Bastard Gaytes leave with the gold? Will the AliceInWrestleland main character show these two puny little bitches that gay is the new straight? Find out next time... On Dragon Ball Z!
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