Weekly WEEKLY Saturday Night Precision - Week 9 - Match Card

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  1. [​IMG]

    Match Card:

    15 Minute Iron Man Match: Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 VS Tyson Blade @Electro

    Singles Match: Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh VS Spike Cox @D3ADLY

    Triple Threat Match: Rhys Haze @Solarxpixel VS Cali @AfricanScatMahn (Ref/ Will Neilson @TheKingSonic)

    Singles Match: Jack Rogue @Geek773 VS Chris Parks @ChrisPBacon69

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    The special ref match will be a 3 way and @TheKingSonic is free to break up any pins. Since both men are faces he would look like a heel if he helps his friend so he is stuck. The other two can only hit him 5 times before they get a DQ loss. This card looks fun :emoji_wink:

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  2. Yay I'm a ref.
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  3. better make a referee attire :emoji_wink:
  4. .......You know what I am going to ask.
    Singles Match: @The ReagMaster VS TonySoccerBoy @Tony SB

    I didn't know he was on here until I saw that :emoji_grin:
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  6. @Electro unlike our first match, you're guaranteed 15 minutes, so even if I whoop you in 5 again, you can still come back. Good luck chump!

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    I've been watching Conor McGregor UFC Press Conferences... I'm in a trash talking mood.
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  7. Btw, when I win the Iron Man Title... I'm changing how it looks. The Cruiser-weight look does royally suck.
  8. fuck.....
  9. The images are staying the same haha
  10. You keep running your little Welsh mouth and I'm going to tear you limb from limb while sipping on an Irish Whiskey :emoji_wink:

    Two can play at that game, biatch.
  11. We'll see.
  12. Really? A generic threat followed by an alcohol reference? No wonder my 2 month run as a U.S Champion was a better main event run than your entire WHC reign... No creativity brother. Disappointed.
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  13. Wil I ever just be able to connect with only one person. Sonic you better get your connection in check
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  14. At least my reign wasn't as generic as Andersen "CM Punk" Vega, or as bland as the storyline in which he is somehow related to Anthony Black, biggest disappointment since Sami Callihan's NXT career.
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  15. you could always face me on the pre-show like a real man. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  16. Andersen Vega is not CM Punk... He's MC Knup and considering that you had publicly stated that Anthony Black was in your opinion, the best heel on the roster... And you were one of the heels on the roster, making fun of him is kinda you just firing blanks. Now... Anything else Khali?
  17. The funny thing is mine is completely fine now, and all my friends have internet issues. xD
  18. You forgot the reasoning on how Anderson Vegas left the promorion in the first place....
  19. Will Buster actually compete though... That's the true question here
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