Weekly WEEKLY Saturday Precision week 22 Match Card (The Master Takes over!)

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    The video starts backstage as The Reagmaster is seen backstage just casually walking through before he sees Ryan Blake's office and looks with a smile on his face

    Reagmaster: Maybe today is the day, my offer of higher pay and my own personal cameraman who is not allowed to leave get accepted. They better be.

    Reagmaster knocks on the office three times and at the 3rd knock he shouts Ryan. No response. Master tries again. Knock, knock, Ryan. Knock, knock, Ryan. It goes on for a while.

    Reagmaster: Come on Blake Flake! Why are you avoiding me? Am I too cool for you now? Screw it, You better not be with a hooker in there!

    Reagmaster opens the door to nothing. Anti climatic but Master does see a strange file on the desk and Master decides to pick up the file because he's a sick guy.

    Master: The match card for week 22. I like this and I want to read this. So I am.

    Master reads the file

    Master: Diamond vs Stark? That sounds terrible, They are allies for goodness sake! And a musical performance by One Direction? The band was better when Zayn was in it. This is all terrible, we are going to lose viewers if we do this. Wait, Rhys Haze vs The Blade in the Preshow?! No mention of me? That's it, I'm changing this shit

    Master takes out a crayon and the following match card was drawn
    Master Edition

    Elimination Chamber Qualifying match

    Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh
    Joseph Diamond @CiV vs Anthony Stark @The Anarchist
    Promos for the match (open)

    3rd Match:
    Champion vs Jack Rogue's Master vs Champion
    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic vs Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 vs Joseph Diamond @CiV
    Promos for the match (open)

    2nd match:
    15 Minute Iron Man Championship Match
    Noah Styles @Awesomenrh vs Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur
    Promos for the match (open)

    In This Moment Musical Performance with a special guest appearance from The British Kid

    Opening Match:
    The Underdog Gone Rogue vs The Asian OneIn a Steel Cage Match
    Jack Rogue @Geek773 vs The Scat @AfricanScatMahn

    The Reagmaster vs a Lumberjack

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  2. You motherfucker.
  4. Really, the triple threat with the World Champion, the IC Champion and the best damn wrestler in this place should be the main event.
  5. You should have signed up bro. I would had you in the Steel Cage to teach Geek a lesson :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. I already kicked his ass back in TWF for my first US Title :emoji_wink: but kicking his ass again would've been nice.
  7. Well all 3 showed me no respect in the master interviews so this is what you get boi!
  8. Next Week on What Culture: The temporary PS4 League GM, with guest star, CanadianR aka NLSuplex. And I'll tell you how I would do it better. *ding* <3
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  9. Lies
  10. You forgot the part where you call yourself a smartass. *shakes head* You can't even get the reference right!
  11. Oh and I almost forgot, To help the people who browse the section, I will update the match card thread with links to the promos. It's easier for us to navigate through and it's easier to see if someones forgot to do their promo.
    (Blampied - 0.5)/10


    Hey @AfricanScatMahn. We must not let reag separate us with his evil schemes. We will steal his show and then Rogue and *The* Scat can hate each other. But we're ewr allies #4lyfe

    Look everyone, it's an ewr challenge injoke, it's a long story.
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  13. Actually my preshows steal the show every show. You just can't see them because you are not authorised.
  14. I love how because you were so busy booking all this you have your most underwhelming preshow match yet xD hardly three stages of heli, is it (half of which was my ingenious idea btw)?
  15. The Lumberjack has a axe with him...I have nothing.
  17. Shut up Geek.
  18. CENSORSHIP. TYRANNY. MISOGYNY (fun fact reag is a girl).
  19. I can't even get booked smh
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