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Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by The Reagmaster, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. This thread marks the end of my reign as temporary GM and I have actually quite enjoyed it. I can't wait for the conversation between me and Beaver afterwards when he tells me what I should have done though :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Anyway here are the final results


    Elimination Chamber Qualifying match

    Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh vs Anthony Stark @The Anarchist

    Winner: Buster Motherfucking Gates

    3rd Match:
    Champion vs Jack Rogue's Master vs Champion

    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic vs Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 vs Joseph Diamond @CiV

    Winner: After a hour long match which made CiV hate me. Will Neilson won by pinning Andersen which means Diamond keeps the winning streak.....

    2nd match:
    15 Minute Iron Man Championship Match

    Noah Styles @Awesomenrh vs Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur

    Winner: Me because I'm pretty sure this is the only reason I was made GM for the week. Oh and Robert Blake is the new Iron Man Champion! get ready for lots of gloating from him because of this

    Opening Match:
    The Underdog Gone Rogue vs The Asian One In a Steel Cage Match

    Jack Rogue @Geek773 vs The Scat @AfricanScatMahn

    Winner: Jack Rog-.........Are you fucking kidding me? Scat didn't kill him? Are you serious? OH COME ON! I wanted Scat to kill the man and I got nothing! I heard Scat was good at the game by Geek himself! How did Rogue beat Scat then!? Here's the stupid video!

    Jesus 7 minutes..*sigh*

    The Preshow LumberJack match

    The Reagmaster vs A Lumberjack

    Winner: The Reagmaster after Geek's dog tried to attack Reagmaster and he missed and got hit by the Lumberjack's axe which allowed Master to roll up the Lumberjack for the 1. 2. 3.

    (He doesn't shut up about that dog...)
  3. I win lol
  4. Should I even say it? Should I? Okay, I'M FUCKING IRON MAN CHAMPION

    4/1 was the result btw
  5. You wouldn't have won had it been me...But I threw the match cause I was told that there would be no double champions...Well, fuck you Frosty, fuck you indeed.
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  6. you're getting two matches so suck it up :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Everyone of the league

    I am the first member to hold all titles in this league. I always knew I could do it
  8. only this year...
  9. Pre-Show:

    You should have put the dog over....

    Steel Cage:

    Good, except I would have had Jack Rouge do more Super Kicks.

    Ironman title:

    Evan Savior should have came back and won the title.

    Triple Threat:

    Should have replaced it with the Joseph Diamond Show. Staring Joseph Diamond.

    Added Match: One on One match between Neilson and Vega. But it isn't any match...


    Main Event:

    Should have it be a Steel Cage Shoots and Ladders match.

    That was how I would have booked it.

    Serious (open)
    If I would have been GM, it would have been fairly similar probably. But the match card I would have had match descriptions for each match to sort of tie story into each of the matches.
  10. stats are updated
  11. Still better than Jeffry's idea of destroying the league in the same way he killed NGW tbf....
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  12. The only year I've been apart of the PS league. You all know I'm fucking epic at this game. I just need to win the EC match and walk out with both titles.....Maybe 3 titles if I win the Xbox World title EC match as well
  13. meh you have never defeated me
  14. Robert Blake is a bit of a greedy bastard if I say so myself, wanting all dem titles... :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  15. *Resists urge to tag Mint Midget*
  16. Shenanigans. Don't get an ego. Stay humble.
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  17. You were never IC Champion though....
  18. The IC title is more of a transformation of the EU title. I was EU champion after beating the unstoppable Spike Cox after his reign of terror.

    I was also the last IC champion of TWF in the Xbox league.
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